Legacy of Fire!

Musings of the Wretched (Zaci)

Damn that goblin Abudari for picking out bad eggs for our breakfast challenge and crippling me with the most disgusting form of sickness I have ever encountered. Even worse than the first time i made the mistake of eating his ‘chicken’ cordon bleu. Chicken my ass. I am only warmed by the knowledge that the little bugger is just as ill as myself and is hopefully in more pain.

Being useless to the party, the only thing I can spend my time doing is empty to the contents of my stomach – ferociously and frequently – and of course ponder the strange turns my life has taken since entering this damned pyramid.

Father has been here this entire time!!! His statue called to me and at first it was hard to understand why. I thought perhaps it was a heralded hero of our race lost to time, but the shock was almost overwhelming when I recognized who it was encased in stone. His face has always been enveloped in the misty forgetfulness of memory and not something to be trusted. Sumna was too young to know him like I did, myself still only a child of five.

After all those years we thought he just left us and to discover he’s been trapped in this hell dimension all this time is particularly cruel. Fate has a way of answering questions, but this one sure took a long time to reveal its knowledge. Then shortly after reuniting with my father, albeit in pieces, to almost lose my beloved brother? This damn magician has made a grave error tampering so with my family.

This foul sickness will leave my body soon, but the wrath in my soul will not be cleansed until I see this evil lord and his tomb of mysteries extinguished.


Ha! Very good Zaci :)

Musings of the Wretched (Zaci)
Lafcadio clndestyn

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