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Hawada's Journal

Pyramid from Hell - Day 12

Dear Diary,

It’s now Day Twelve in this crazy pyramid from Hell. We’ve finally made it to the third level of the pyramid and of what I’ve seen so far, I really, really don’t like it.

But before I can tell you about the poisonous death trap or the walls of screaming souls, let me tell you how we got there.

The day started out normal enough. I woke up to Abudari and Zaci arguing over who made a better breakfast. (ok, not really that normal) So they had a cook-off…I guess the eggs they found had gone bad, because both of them got very sick. (yep, pretty normal!) So glad I turned them both down as a judge…

So we left them back at camp and went exploring.

We only had two more rooms left on the second floor and they were both covered with snow and ice! It was a cold, frozen wasteland!! I don’t know if I’ll ever get the ice out from between my paw pads…and it was impossible to walk on!

As soon as we walked into the first room, we were attacked by a bunch of men with swords. (I noticed that they had no problems walking on the slick ice, the bastards…)

There was also this Ice Witch, who the warrior Tala tried to make a move on…but she slipped on the ice and slid to the ground…almost knocking me over! Fortunately, I caught my balance and landed on her back. And it was AMAZING what a little height can do for you in battle!! I was suddenly looking my enemy in the eye! I was able to wrap my whips around their necks instead of their ankles! It was soooo much more effective!!

Once the healer Azar made the killing blow on the witch, we moved on to the second room. It was also covered in ice…(man, I miss the warm sand and sun of the desert back home…)

That freaky head in the globe told us that she sensed a special stone (a purple amethyst) that she needed for something…Ofcourse the stone was in the middle of a pile of treasure being guarded by this HUGE white dragon named Vendadraxis (or something like that…)!!

We ended up negotiating with him – 500 gold pieces worth of stuff for the amethyst…it was probably a good thing that Abudari was not with us, because I think Sumna would have traded him to the dragon as well! Who knew that Goblin with Paprika was a Dragon delicacy…

It was after that, that we finally made it to the third floor! (I did mention that I didn’t like the third floor, right?)

The first room turned out to be a trap…not the door to the room, but the room itself. It wasn’t my fault!! How was I supposed to know that? It seemed simple enough…the head told us that the sniveling coward in the room was Varagus…and we all know that the only way out of this God Forsaken Hell hole is to kill him three times! So, we tried to kill the unarmed, whimpering excuse for a man…and once we were all in the room, the man disappeared, the doors closed, and the poisonous gas started flowing from the ceiling! I really thought we were all goners!!

But then we got organized! Reza noticed that the gas was coming out of the candelabras in the ceiling and could probably be disassembled, so Tala, Reza and I started working on those while Azar and Sumna worked on opening the doors.

I was finally able to completely stop the poisonous gas. It sure would have been nice to have had Abudari helping – I ended up getting gassed in the face at least twice!

As soon as Azar and Sumna had the door open, we zipped out into the hall and were finally able to breath again.

After a lot of healing (thanks Azar!!) and resting, the head told us that there was something of value to the left of us. I really don’t like that talking head…

That’s where we found the creepy walls of souls. They were on either side these narrow, winding paths that turned in all directions – very maze-like. The souls moaned and whined and just being beside them caused so much pain!! Fortunately, Azar did something to stop the pain. Unfortunately, they were not the only creatures with us in the maze!!

With Reza in the lead (holy cow, he’s fast!! I’m pretty fast when I’m in my fox form, but I would never be able to keep up with him!!), we moved down a path to the left. When we got to a turn, I lost sight of Reza as he scouted ahead. And that’s when we were attacked from behind by this undead guy. Tala and I were doing our best to fight him off, when there was this terrifying shrieking sound from behind the wall that hurt my head so badly, I couldn’t move at all!

Tala was finally able to take down the undead guy and I was able to shake off my immobility… I heard more fighting from ahead of us, and ran down the path to see a freaking Banshee dropping Reza to the ground!! And that was where I saw my opportunity!! I leapt onto the back of the unconscious Reza and got the high ground! With whips blazing I was able to take down the Banshee!

I saw some more dead creatures, so it looked like Reza, Sumna and Azar took care of the rest.

With all of the enemy vanquished, we finally found our way out of the maze…

We decided to call it a day at that point and headed back to camp to check on Abudari and Zaci and rest before the next day’s adventures.


Awesomely done Hawada! :)

Hawada's Journal
Lafcadio hcpritchett

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