Legacy of Fire!

Rising in the Pyramid of Shadows

Or how we bumble up the stairs


We finish off level one of the pyramid of shadows by finding the last of Garron Vosh’s men and then we go up the stairs. Many hijinks ensue. Ending with foul spawn and a Grue.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Sun!
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Beast!
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Dervish!
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Magic!
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Mountain!
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Wicked!

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). Fire!

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Well, it turns out that werewolf bites start making you foam at the mouth. There we were after a hard day of adventuring, gathered around the fire and sharing the delicious stew I had made. It was dragon goulash with radishes with some substitutions. Now, I am used to my friends showing appreciation for my culinary skills. Tala breaking a table in half with a good spasm. Hawada projectile vomiting. Yarar using cure poison.

But when most of us started foaming at the mouth with a crazed and demented look in our eye, I thought I had reached a new culinary height. But alas, it was only the fever of a magical disease.

I was very disappointed but it gave me the opportunity to make chicken soup for everyone. I mean I only had to substitute four of the nine ingredients. I already had water, salt, pepper, oregano and basil. It is amazing how close to making artificial celery and onion I can get with alchemy. The chicken and broth was the hard part but I was in luck with using Gar….

Anyway, we cured ourselves over the next few days. There was like one room we had left to explore.

It turned out to be a guard station of Garron Vosh’s men. Turns out they had traps and horrendous kill zone set up for the other direction.

Yarar asked them to surrender. They did. We searched them and stole anything good they had. (One of them had salt, chives and a bit of chili flakes. Woot!)

We finished the level and started heading out towards the stairs. While we passed the lizard folk, I told the shaman guy the back way to get to the Garron Vosh folks. Got help greeney out.. Good hunting boys.

We reach the stairs and check for traps on the door. Nothing. But the stairway was a deep pit. I used some spider silk to secure a line in case anyone had to get out. We head up when suddenly the stairs are galloping. It was trapped and dumped Tala down into a pit. That’s when a flying screeching harpy appeared with gargoyle minions.

I was disarming the first trap when Hawada and Zaci rushed up and triggered the next set. It was a chaotic fight in which we triggered traps and fought off the creatures. Thank goodness the harpy could not pull us towards her (the middle the stairwell was a pit.)

Zaci, Tala and Hawada made short work of the creatures when they got close enough.

We rested and went up the stairs.

When we got out we went down a hallway which lead into another enormous hall. The hall was L shaped with us at the vertex. One way along the hall lead to a boring door.

The other leg of the hall lead to two doors and a bunch of grotesque humanoid creatures bound to the walls. They were embedded into it and their maws were huge yawning portals to a black abyss.

We went that way. Go for the weird grotesque things every time. I swear our group if it came to an intersection that pointed one way to the janitors closet and the other towards certain doom, we would go with doom. Nothing boring for us.

We make it about halfway down when creatures pour out. Foulspawn creatures that were twisted aberrations from some insane plane of existence. There were Foulspawn Manglers with four whirling dagger arms, Foulspawn Berserkers with this confusion aura that causes those in melee with it to hit randomly other targets and finally the Foulspawn Grue who was a mental powerhouse of insanity.

The foulspawn could jump through the mouths of the grotesque statues who would complain of their hunger and would bite anything near it.

Our party was in disarray and we got scattered. I was in another room fighting the Grue and it suddenly became clear what our groups tactic was.

We were the hanged man. We lived through the paradox of being chaotic dumbasses. The worse off we were in a fight at the beginning the better we would finish. I knew now that if we ever did a fight right, that I would have to be a force of chaos and muck something up to bring the party away from the certainty of defeat into the land of plausible victory.

I knew at that very moment I was in the right party in the right plane of existence and that no matter what our chaotic style of flinging ourselves into combat would be the downfall of any law, order or tacticians meticulous planning.

We were agents of chaos, disorder and destruction.AOC… I would have to make patches, team jackets and probably camel saddles.

From there, I laughed in the face of danger. (I was also dazed, slowed, immobile, had mind worm and mind rot coursing through my brain.)

Zaci started teleporting and maneuvering the creatures into deft positions for Hawada and Tala to cut down while Yarar kept everyone alive. I tanked for the group and sucked up every possible ailment, malady and penalty I could.

We won.

And then we fed the statues and one of them vomited forth treasure.

Vomit treasure is the best.


Well done :) Vomit treasure for everyone!

Rising in the Pyramid of Shadows
Lafcadio Varosja

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