Legacy of Fire!

Pyramid mid level destruction

Fuck you Obsidian Portal


Our party wipes out 2/3’s of the pyramid including the level boss. As obsidian portal lost my previous post on this, I want to say what a piece of shit this website app is.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), of Sarenrae.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker).
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian).
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller).
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker).
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker).

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader).

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

1- Fight against Foulspawn berserkers, alpha grick and destrachan
2- Trap and hunt to find Mindflayer parasite
3- Far Realm abomination Karavokas with chaos winds and two monoliths
4- Medraga and cultists with foulspawn manglers.

We killed most of the level now.


I understand Obsidian Portal ate the first post, I’m sorry to not see the original masterpiece but glad you got a little reminder up for everyone. :)

Pyramid mid level destruction
Lafcadio Varosja

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