Legacy of Fire!

Brief interlude

Meanwhile at Abudari's slightly used Camel wash office

Chacucare stuck his head into the small office where Barbircar had last been seen. “Whatcha doing?” he addressed to Barbicar’s backside as said goblin was digging through a now open lockbox. “Nothing” answered Barbicar in typical goblin fashion as he flipped through someone else’s belongs.

Chacucare noticed for the first time a couple of prone, slightly singed goblins nearby and asked “What happened to those guys B?” “Oh” answered Barbicar “I had them try boss’s box first in case it was trapped. Which it was, twice.” C seemed thoughtful or at least as thoughtful as a goblin can be “But didn’t boss say not to poke around his stuff?” B answered quickly “Course he did but he didn’t mean me of course cause I’m in charge when he and the other guys aren’t here C.” Chacucare nodded “Yeah but…” and gasped unable finish what he was saying as B suddenly held up a flat box.

“Oh shit B is that one of those books?” wailed Chacucare. Barbicar scowled at the other goblin “Shut it, I’m working here. I heard rumors that one of A’s ancestors was…part gnome and now maybe I got proof.” Chacucare’s eyes got as big around as marbles (he was one of the beady eyed sort) as he exclaimed “Wha? Gnome? What are you…urk.” The beady eyed goblin said no more as B pulled his dogslicer out of C’s corpse. “Nothing at all C, I got paid for the job and I don’t need your flappy mouth screwing it up.”

Barbicar place the book in his pack as he hummed quietly, rolling up the bodies in the carpet.


Lafcadio Lafcadio

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