Legacy of Fire!

The Last Key of Karovakis
Never a Native Guide When You Need One

I came instantly alert, rolling to my feet when the sobbing began. My hands burned with the force I used to grip my gouge. I wheeled, looking for the enemy in our ranks – but I was too late.

There was Reza, lying limply on the floor unconscious. Abudari rolled slowly back and forth, perilously near to falling off the table at each turn. He clutched his belly and moaned as Azar tried to ease the pain. Hawadaa whimpered and mumbled between her terrible sobs. She clutched her spoon and plate and looked up at me pleadingly, tears streaming down her face.

The situation had grown desperate. I had only one solution to offer, and it truly grieved me that I must treat my bosom friend to this bitter fare. I knelt beside Hawada and gently brushed her hair back from her face. “Eat more,” I whispered. “You’ll feel better after you puke.”


When we left the poor unfortunates who had dared eat Hawada’s “Pyramid Pan-Fry”, they were on their way to recovery. They all looked green – except Abudari, who was an exceptionally handsome chartreuse flushed with blue. I felt it a shame that we could not keep him that color, which reminded me of my study. He would have looked good there against the golden background, among my collection of Sivanah’s holy symbols and mirrors. If he reverted to his normal, bland colors, I could possibly cover him with some of the more attractive veils.

We left in search of a medic hidden within the depths of the pyramid. Failing that, we would kill Karavakis’ third split, grasp his key, solve the puzzle, and take them all back to what passed for civilization in this barbaric land. It is beautiful in its own charming and rough way, but truly I wished to back in Katapesh to drink wine and plan another journey. I willingly save native peoples and artifacts from the clutches of ignorant brutes like G—- no…. I must put that from my mind. I am here in this hellish place, and I cannot afford to be sidetracked.

As I write this, my pen trembles. I am so tired!

We stalked through the corridors of the pyramid, backtracking only a little, finding the last two rooms in which we thought Karovakis might lie. The coward!

In the first room, we found a true opportunity to test ourselves – it was a trap awaiting the unwary or adventurous. In the room were four… statues? Creatures? Undead? Somethings! Somethings waiting to be awakened, fought, and triumphed over. I argued that our fortunes might lie in this room, where unknown magics could be seen and felt but were mysteriously held at bay. The others declined to join me in exploring that large and be-columned cavern. Azar counseled caution and care. Sumna and Zaci argued aggravation and ailment. And I? I am an adventurer but not a fool. One does not lightly charge where priests and demons fear to tread. Still, it grieved me to leave such an enticing battle unexplored. It could be said that I closed and blocked the door with more frustrated force than strictly necessary. Since this failed (alas!) to entice the figures to attack, we left unmolested.

The next room, though – THAT was a battle indeed! Karovakis was there, with tiny ferocious flaming skulls. (Skulls which will make lovely decoration to throw over my saddle horn when I return to my stables and polish my tack.) We killed him, of course, along with his flaming skills and some really rather repugnant skeletons. It took minutes? Hours? Forever. It took forever to finally defeat him.

In turn, his death yielded us a key.

Three keys! Finally! And a riddle…. a thrice-damned, three-keyed, three-doored riddle of malignant doom. A riddle, no less, that we must solve in an allotted time. In the nick of time, perhaps? That thought is the only thing that keeps me awake. We must, as adventurers, keep the nick of time in our mind’s eye – lest it one day be just AFTER the nick of time when we act. Let that day not be today, hmmm?

Now, I sit and document my adventures while the cast of characters debate the puzzle that will allow us exit. Perhaps I’ll nap when we make our way back to the others. And I will oh-so-casually ask Hawada what she put in the Pan-Fry. I have JUST the spot for Abudari if he manages to stay that color.

Musings of the Wretched (Zaci)

Damn that goblin Abudari for picking out bad eggs for our breakfast challenge and crippling me with the most disgusting form of sickness I have ever encountered. Even worse than the first time i made the mistake of eating his ‘chicken’ cordon bleu. Chicken my ass. I am only warmed by the knowledge that the little bugger is just as ill as myself and is hopefully in more pain.

Being useless to the party, the only thing I can spend my time doing is empty to the contents of my stomach – ferociously and frequently – and of course ponder the strange turns my life has taken since entering this damned pyramid.

Father has been here this entire time!!! His statue called to me and at first it was hard to understand why. I thought perhaps it was a heralded hero of our race lost to time, but the shock was almost overwhelming when I recognized who it was encased in stone. His face has always been enveloped in the misty forgetfulness of memory and not something to be trusted. Sumna was too young to know him like I did, myself still only a child of five.

After all those years we thought he just left us and to discover he’s been trapped in this hell dimension all this time is particularly cruel. Fate has a way of answering questions, but this one sure took a long time to reveal its knowledge. Then shortly after reuniting with my father, albeit in pieces, to almost lose my beloved brother? This damn magician has made a grave error tampering so with my family.

This foul sickness will leave my body soon, but the wrath in my soul will not be cleansed until I see this evil lord and his tomb of mysteries extinguished.

Hawada's Journal
Pyramid from Hell - Day 12

Dear Diary,

It’s now Day Twelve in this crazy pyramid from Hell. We’ve finally made it to the third level of the pyramid and of what I’ve seen so far, I really, really don’t like it.

But before I can tell you about the poisonous death trap or the walls of screaming souls, let me tell you how we got there.

The day started out normal enough. I woke up to Abudari and Zaci arguing over who made a better breakfast. (ok, not really that normal) So they had a cook-off…I guess the eggs they found had gone bad, because both of them got very sick. (yep, pretty normal!) So glad I turned them both down as a judge…

So we left them back at camp and went exploring.

We only had two more rooms left on the second floor and they were both covered with snow and ice! It was a cold, frozen wasteland!! I don’t know if I’ll ever get the ice out from between my paw pads…and it was impossible to walk on!

As soon as we walked into the first room, we were attacked by a bunch of men with swords. (I noticed that they had no problems walking on the slick ice, the bastards…)

There was also this Ice Witch, who the warrior Tala tried to make a move on…but she slipped on the ice and slid to the ground…almost knocking me over! Fortunately, I caught my balance and landed on her back. And it was AMAZING what a little height can do for you in battle!! I was suddenly looking my enemy in the eye! I was able to wrap my whips around their necks instead of their ankles! It was soooo much more effective!!

Once the healer Azar made the killing blow on the witch, we moved on to the second room. It was also covered in ice…(man, I miss the warm sand and sun of the desert back home…)

That freaky head in the globe told us that she sensed a special stone (a purple amethyst) that she needed for something…Ofcourse the stone was in the middle of a pile of treasure being guarded by this HUGE white dragon named Vendadraxis (or something like that…)!!

We ended up negotiating with him – 500 gold pieces worth of stuff for the amethyst…it was probably a good thing that Abudari was not with us, because I think Sumna would have traded him to the dragon as well! Who knew that Goblin with Paprika was a Dragon delicacy…

It was after that, that we finally made it to the third floor! (I did mention that I didn’t like the third floor, right?)

The first room turned out to be a trap…not the door to the room, but the room itself. It wasn’t my fault!! How was I supposed to know that? It seemed simple enough…the head told us that the sniveling coward in the room was Varagus…and we all know that the only way out of this God Forsaken Hell hole is to kill him three times! So, we tried to kill the unarmed, whimpering excuse for a man…and once we were all in the room, the man disappeared, the doors closed, and the poisonous gas started flowing from the ceiling! I really thought we were all goners!!

But then we got organized! Reza noticed that the gas was coming out of the candelabras in the ceiling and could probably be disassembled, so Tala, Reza and I started working on those while Azar and Sumna worked on opening the doors.

I was finally able to completely stop the poisonous gas. It sure would have been nice to have had Abudari helping – I ended up getting gassed in the face at least twice!

As soon as Azar and Sumna had the door open, we zipped out into the hall and were finally able to breath again.

After a lot of healing (thanks Azar!!) and resting, the head told us that there was something of value to the left of us. I really don’t like that talking head…

That’s where we found the creepy walls of souls. They were on either side these narrow, winding paths that turned in all directions – very maze-like. The souls moaned and whined and just being beside them caused so much pain!! Fortunately, Azar did something to stop the pain. Unfortunately, they were not the only creatures with us in the maze!!

With Reza in the lead (holy cow, he’s fast!! I’m pretty fast when I’m in my fox form, but I would never be able to keep up with him!!), we moved down a path to the left. When we got to a turn, I lost sight of Reza as he scouted ahead. And that’s when we were attacked from behind by this undead guy. Tala and I were doing our best to fight him off, when there was this terrifying shrieking sound from behind the wall that hurt my head so badly, I couldn’t move at all!

Tala was finally able to take down the undead guy and I was able to shake off my immobility… I heard more fighting from ahead of us, and ran down the path to see a freaking Banshee dropping Reza to the ground!! And that was where I saw my opportunity!! I leapt onto the back of the unconscious Reza and got the high ground! With whips blazing I was able to take down the Banshee!

I saw some more dead creatures, so it looked like Reza, Sumna and Azar took care of the rest.

With all of the enemy vanquished, we finally found our way out of the maze…

We decided to call it a day at that point and headed back to camp to check on Abudari and Zaci and rest before the next day’s adventures.

Brief interlude
Meanwhile at Abudari's slightly used Camel wash office

Chacucare stuck his head into the small office where Barbircar had last been seen. “Whatcha doing?” he addressed to Barbicar’s backside as said goblin was digging through a now open lockbox. “Nothing” answered Barbicar in typical goblin fashion as he flipped through someone else’s belongs.

Chacucare noticed for the first time a couple of prone, slightly singed goblins nearby and asked “What happened to those guys B?” “Oh” answered Barbicar “I had them try boss’s box first in case it was trapped. Which it was, twice.” C seemed thoughtful or at least as thoughtful as a goblin can be “But didn’t boss say not to poke around his stuff?” B answered quickly “Course he did but he didn’t mean me of course cause I’m in charge when he and the other guys aren’t here C.” Chacucare nodded “Yeah but…” and gasped unable finish what he was saying as B suddenly held up a flat box.

“Oh shit B is that one of those books?” wailed Chacucare. Barbicar scowled at the other goblin “Shut it, I’m working here. I heard rumors that one of A’s ancestors was…part gnome and now maybe I got proof.” Chacucare’s eyes got as big around as marbles (he was one of the beady eyed sort) as he exclaimed “Wha? Gnome? What are you…urk.” The beady eyed goblin said no more as B pulled his dogslicer out of C’s corpse. “Nothing at all C, I got paid for the job and I don’t need your flappy mouth screwing it up.”

Barbicar place the book in his pack as he hummed quietly, rolling up the bodies in the carpet.

Pyramid mid level destruction
Fuck you Obsidian Portal


Our party wipes out 2/3’s of the pyramid including the level boss. As obsidian portal lost my previous post on this, I want to say what a piece of shit this website app is.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), of Sarenrae.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker).
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian).
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller).
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker).
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker).

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader).

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

1- Fight against Foulspawn berserkers, alpha grick and destrachan
2- Trap and hunt to find Mindflayer parasite
3- Far Realm abomination Karavokas with chaos winds and two monoliths
4- Medraga and cultists with foulspawn manglers.

We killed most of the level now.

Two Story Pyramid Adventure Time
Zaci as the Martyr with the GATES of TERROR


We find a mysterious portal that is a riddle and a trap. Zaci, despite my protests, goes forth to unlock this portal, proving she is the guardian of the team. Such sacrifice was noble.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Keeping us alive, one surge at a time.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Boldly opening doors on her own.
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Sacrificing herself for the rest of the party.
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Making decisions without the rest of us.
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Charging madness.
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Sight beyond sight. Finding hidden doors and secret passages.

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). The voice of moderation and crafter of Tiefling stew.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)


In exploring the Foulspawn pit on the second level of the Pyramid of Shadows, we find a secret door. Well, Reza did. It seems Reza can see anything.

The door led to another secret door which lead to a chamber with a mysterious portal. When you got next to the portal it gave a riddle. It took us a long ass time to work out what we would do with the door.

It was something like you gain something for going through the door but someone else gets a detriment. I was all willing to go through but Tala kept stopping me. I don’t know why. I don’t mind the suffering of others. Goblins have that trait worked out in childhood. Or is it part of our innate nature.

While I considered nature versus nurture, I followed the group around. Putting up with the vice like grip of Tala on my head. I think she would be a natural at Ogre Headball. Which is a multicultural game based upon scoring points in two iron rings. Goblins are commonly used as the head… size. Head size. I must remember to never play headball and not have Tala play.

It ended up with Zaci going through. She was gone for ten minutes and came out telling us that there were two other doors of terror and they opened a fourth door.

We went looking for doors.

We explored the area and found another passageway that lead to a room with two doors. Reza went to one and Hawada went to the other. They were to check it for traps but Hawada must have heard something because she rushed in. I saw her body get riddled with arrows and her convulsing with poison. She is so brave and … brave.

Anyway, combat ensued. It was an ogre and a medusa standing with a bunch of adventurers as statues. Hawada got turned to stone and almost shattered but Bro Yo was there. He dispelled that like swatting a gnat. I gotta remember that he can just cure anything. Even death.

I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am neither too little or too much and I do not have to prove myself to anyone.

We beat them. Thus this diary entry. But there was something interesting. Zaci and Sumna’s father was one of the statues. Oh snap, didn’t see that coming. So we carefully scooped up the remains of devil father. I believe Bro said he would bring him back.

But I kept thinking of that super recipe. Powdered tiefling horn made into a soup is supposed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. And it has a nutty, corrupted taste that is in the salty savory range.

I tried three or four times to get to the bag but Bro Yo knows me too well. Le sigh.

We went on and found the two other doors. Zaci went through one and it looked like she was eaten alive. It even spat out a boot. I realized it was fake because it was an empty boot. She came out and disabled the GATES of TERROR. She was so selfless and awesome.

So the group got past the GATES of TERROR with Zaci’s actions.

What was past it? Well the walls were organic. We started entering a living area and there was this great purple goo on the floor. Savory with a hint of stomach acid. Yet the bouquet was more black ooze.

We took a break at this point and here I am writing this in while I am leaning against a wall that I can feel the pulse of life, fluid and warmth. It is like being snuggled against the bosom of a marilith.

I should mention that my relationship with Sumna is on the rocks again. He didn’t like my arguements about using some of the horn for soup. He called my food atrocious. A crime against nature. Something so unholy that I could be a lord of hell. That last one was kinda nice but the others was just mean. I get so many mixed messages from him.

Rising in the Pyramid of Shadows
Or how we bumble up the stairs


We finish off level one of the pyramid of shadows by finding the last of Garron Vosh’s men and then we go up the stairs. Many hijinks ensue. Ending with foul spawn and a Grue.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Sun!
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Beast!
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Dervish!
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Magic!
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Mountain!
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Wicked!

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). Fire!

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Well, it turns out that werewolf bites start making you foam at the mouth. There we were after a hard day of adventuring, gathered around the fire and sharing the delicious stew I had made. It was dragon goulash with radishes with some substitutions. Now, I am used to my friends showing appreciation for my culinary skills. Tala breaking a table in half with a good spasm. Hawada projectile vomiting. Yarar using cure poison.

But when most of us started foaming at the mouth with a crazed and demented look in our eye, I thought I had reached a new culinary height. But alas, it was only the fever of a magical disease.

I was very disappointed but it gave me the opportunity to make chicken soup for everyone. I mean I only had to substitute four of the nine ingredients. I already had water, salt, pepper, oregano and basil. It is amazing how close to making artificial celery and onion I can get with alchemy. The chicken and broth was the hard part but I was in luck with using Gar….

Anyway, we cured ourselves over the next few days. There was like one room we had left to explore.

It turned out to be a guard station of Garron Vosh’s men. Turns out they had traps and horrendous kill zone set up for the other direction.

Yarar asked them to surrender. They did. We searched them and stole anything good they had. (One of them had salt, chives and a bit of chili flakes. Woot!)

We finished the level and started heading out towards the stairs. While we passed the lizard folk, I told the shaman guy the back way to get to the Garron Vosh folks. Got help greeney out.. Good hunting boys.

We reach the stairs and check for traps on the door. Nothing. But the stairway was a deep pit. I used some spider silk to secure a line in case anyone had to get out. We head up when suddenly the stairs are galloping. It was trapped and dumped Tala down into a pit. That’s when a flying screeching harpy appeared with gargoyle minions.

I was disarming the first trap when Hawada and Zaci rushed up and triggered the next set. It was a chaotic fight in which we triggered traps and fought off the creatures. Thank goodness the harpy could not pull us towards her (the middle the stairwell was a pit.)

Zaci, Tala and Hawada made short work of the creatures when they got close enough.

We rested and went up the stairs.

When we got out we went down a hallway which lead into another enormous hall. The hall was L shaped with us at the vertex. One way along the hall lead to a boring door.

The other leg of the hall lead to two doors and a bunch of grotesque humanoid creatures bound to the walls. They were embedded into it and their maws were huge yawning portals to a black abyss.

We went that way. Go for the weird grotesque things every time. I swear our group if it came to an intersection that pointed one way to the janitors closet and the other towards certain doom, we would go with doom. Nothing boring for us.

We make it about halfway down when creatures pour out. Foulspawn creatures that were twisted aberrations from some insane plane of existence. There were Foulspawn Manglers with four whirling dagger arms, Foulspawn Berserkers with this confusion aura that causes those in melee with it to hit randomly other targets and finally the Foulspawn Grue who was a mental powerhouse of insanity.

The foulspawn could jump through the mouths of the grotesque statues who would complain of their hunger and would bite anything near it.

Our party was in disarray and we got scattered. I was in another room fighting the Grue and it suddenly became clear what our groups tactic was.

We were the hanged man. We lived through the paradox of being chaotic dumbasses. The worse off we were in a fight at the beginning the better we would finish. I knew now that if we ever did a fight right, that I would have to be a force of chaos and muck something up to bring the party away from the certainty of defeat into the land of plausible victory.

I knew at that very moment I was in the right party in the right plane of existence and that no matter what our chaotic style of flinging ourselves into combat would be the downfall of any law, order or tacticians meticulous planning.

We were agents of chaos, disorder and destruction.AOC… I would have to make patches, team jackets and probably camel saddles.

From there, I laughed in the face of danger. (I was also dazed, slowed, immobile, had mind worm and mind rot coursing through my brain.)

Zaci started teleporting and maneuvering the creatures into deft positions for Hawada and Tala to cut down while Yarar kept everyone alive. I tanked for the group and sucked up every possible ailment, malady and penalty I could.

We won.

And then we fed the statues and one of them vomited forth treasure.

Vomit treasure is the best.

Cleanup on Level 1, Pyramid of Shadows
Where the blue light special is lightening bolt!


As we had defeated the main villain, we went ahead and cleaned the rest of the level off. I forgot to enter this one and then went on vacation. So my information is a bit spotty.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Argues for more demon slaying.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Who argues for more personal kills.
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Who argues for whatever is best for Sumna.
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Who argues for more personal power.
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Who argues for more exploration and glory.
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Who argues for more.

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). Who is the voice of moderation…. and Fire. Glorious fire.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Well, we had killed the boss on this level but there was still a bauble to get for the elf crystal head girl thing. So we went exploring further into the pyramid of shadows.

We came across a water logged room in which there were some lizard people. Well, guess what… we negotiated with them. It’s like our team is afraid of water. I mean, I don’t bathe on general principle because it is bad for my skin. But humans dunk themselves all the time.

This time we just negotiated that we would skirt them. They agreed. We almost got into a fight anyway because Zaci started walking right towards them. I don’t think she understands but she smells like death. Monsters know these things.

I guess my singing was getting to Zaci because she kept casting silence on me. I didn’t think that was one of her spells. I thought only clerics could cast that. But anyway, in silence we looked for more adventure.

I was in the middle of an aria when we caught sight of our next prey: Garren Vosh. You will remember Garren Vosh was the dragonkin who lead an evil group of tomb raiders that were against Tala, Zaci and Sumna.

We fought Garren Vosh in this giant chamber of doors. It looked like they had made it their current out post for the tents and amenities were set up. They even had barred one of the doors.

The fight began with us charging into the room. And then his allies kept pouring out of every door. It was a crazy frantic fight but we buried them.

I was trying to come up with some crazy metaphor, simile, analogy or hypocatastasis. But that is the best I have for the tomb raiders.

Werewolf fight- We found a barred door when we fought Garren Vosh and his crew. I went to put a bomb on the door and did so when I heard… “Here piggy, piggy.” I mentioned to everyone else I heard someone talking when the door exploded.

Now I should mention, I put a clockwork bomb on the door and it was spectacular. The werewolf burst upon us and we fought this horrendous creature that kept healing or shrugging off everything we were doing to it.

But we won out. We piled on the damage until it stopped moving. Then I set it on fire. Just to be sure. By the end, all of us had been scratched or bit by the creature. I am sure nothing bad was going to happen.

So we went searching for booty and found some good stuff.

Then we found a secret chamber with a treasure chest. It had a piece of essence from our weird elf crystal ball chicka.

And that was about all folks.

Pyramid of Shadows Level 1 Smackdown
Where the villain of the level is defeated


We find a bunch of plague rats, knowledge eaters and an Angry Kangaroo who is secretly Arat Karavakos.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Who went on saving the righteous with radiance.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Who went on a killing spree.
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Who went on a madcap teleporting marking race.
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Who was out with food poisoning, again.
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Who went on kill stealing.
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Who was sick with the plague.

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). The dashing hero of our story who was the voice of moderation.


We were off to explore the rest of the first level that morning. It was a glorious indeterminate time of day. I made up some fresh lizardman stew which I labelled pork. Most of my compatriots ate with gusto. Unfortunately, Reza and Sumna were feeling a bit under the weather. Either from the morning stew or the Spicy Avatar Rolls (labelled chicken wrap) from the night before.

Plague Rats and fire bombs. We go to the first door and search it for traps. We detect none. So then we walk in and past this other door. I offer to put a bomb on it. As soon as I touch it, a trap springs. The doors slam open and bones start pouring all over us. It went right over my head but everyone else seemed hurt and immobilized. And then, the Plague Rats swarmed towards us. Surrounding our party. It looked hopeless….

And then I remembered I had a bomb. Sometimes, life gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you bombs and plague rats. I threw bombs with cheerful glee and killed ten of them right off the bat.

You know, because I am like that. Well, this is the fight that I killed the most. I think I wiped out 12 of the 16 rats. This was my moment.

Now, I mention this because Hawada went and had a moment.

Library of Eaten Knowledge. We headed up and opened the next door. It was a vast library with a statue of the crystal head girl (an eladdrin, ex-wife of Karavokas). While the crystal head started freaking about the statue, the rest of us went inside. Zachi suddenly rad off between a row of books and we heard a ring of steel on steel. Then a void archer appeared on top of a book case and fired a rain of arrows upon our group.

We decided to split up. And then a void blade (eater of knowledge) came around a book case. Hawada ran up and stabbed it seventeen times in quick succession. Then she stomped on the corpse. She then lit it on fire with her torch.

More of these psionic void creatures appeared. Including one that threw a mind spell upon us. Bro Yo was running back and forth healing and I was having the damndest luck being stunned. Luckily, Hawada and Zaci saved us all. Hawada was running around maniacally stabbing things, whipping things and jumping on things. Tala mistakenly killed something of Hawada’s and I heard Hawada snarl like a mad ferret with rabies. She killed four of the six creatures that attacked us. With Tala and Zaci killing one each.

The key, the tapestry and the Angry Kangaroo. We entered a room with a giant trapped angel. I disarmed it and we moved in. There were two passages. I hung back as first one and then the other was explored. In the first room was food in crates on one wall and on the other a magical tapestry showing the lands outside.

The other room had a giant stone gazebo with a cryptic phrase written in Draconic. It was something about a key and freedom.

Suddenly, more void blades showed up. I was in the other room looking down the corridor when suddenly a void blade and Arat Karavokas appeared.

I shouted a warning but it was misheard. Tala said ‘Angry Kangaroo’ and Hawada said, ’No Abudari said Aspiring Killer." Finally, Bro Yo said, ’Abudari, keep the Ape King busy."

And it was me against two monsters. I hid between the legs of the first one. Threw bombs at the second and got harried by a sword of force for my troubles. I held them off for at least 6 seconds until Bro Yo came over and said ‘Oh, it is the big bad guy.’

Hawada, Zaci and Tala killed the void blades and then moved into the room. We surrounded the villain and began to stab him repeatedly. It was a glorious moment of comradeship.

We defeated the villain and he had a key. It had a strange inscription. It was something like it is the hardest but not the first.

I surmised that we would each get a key off of each of the Karavokas incarnations. Then we would be able to unlock the pyramid.

Now, we still have an entire other section to do. And we know from the crystal head that there is something important over there.

Front, Side and bottom of the Pyramid of Shadows
Reversals and Traps


We start systematically clearing out the bottom of the pyramid and realize we left a spot.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Ascendant brilliance.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Carefree death
Wendy- Zashi, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Esteemed Fighter
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Galvanizing Heretic
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Iconic Juggernaut
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Killing Lush

We continue with our toils within the pyramid of shadows with a meetup of our minds. In this case, we discussed why we didn’t kill the demons with Sumna. It was a meaningless exercise in resolving the differences between night and day.

However, we agreed that we would kill anything weaker than us. I am not sure what others pulled away from our team huddle but that is essentially what I got. If we could kill it, it was okay to kill it.

We started systematically going through the pyramids lowest floor and attempted to wipe it out.

As we were going back to an unexplored door, we sprung a trap. It was that room with the two deific statues. The statues had six of the seven evil gods except rovagug. Well, we met an avatar of rovagug and it was a rousing demonstration that if we could kill it, it was morally correct.

I think while the rest of us had fallen into a pit, Reza stayed topside and attempted to help. Weirdly, he was bitching and moaning about the rats or something. He seemed fine and I gave him a potion to settle his stomach (and cure the horrible wasting sickness he contracted).

After that we went through the door into a hall of mirrors. And a door across from us. So we approach the door and a flaming skull appears in the mirror and throws a fireball at us. And then these devil legionnaires open up on us. We fight and it looks like it is going to be a bad fight when Sumna calls for a parlay. We parlay and promise the devils that we will show them the way out if they let us pass.

They do. So uh, I guess we parlay with the enemy again. But I got a cool magical necklace out of it. I really wanted leg of legionnaire but that will be another night.

This opened round two of bickering with Sumna about letting the bad guys go. He basically said we were not strong enough to take them on. We should get more help.

We continued on and found the body of the annoying crystal woman elf. So we had a conversation about her previous marriage and she convinced us that she was sufficiently motivated in her divorce. That she was more powerful as a caster and we should reanimate her to be our ally. So we attempted to reunite her with her body only to find out it was a trap.

The crystal was sucked into this undead creature of immense power. And we had to carefully kill it without harming the crystal. We all did except Sumna. Poor Sumna. He used mind mojo to have the undead strike itself right in the crystal. Brilliant.

We went around and found the stair case leading up. But than Zashi logically conjoined that we needed to kill an aspect of the Karavokas on each level of the pyramid but had not. So we needed to go kill the Karavokas on this level. So now we are headed to the SW corner (the only area unexplored.)

And there you have it folks, straight from the goblins mouth.


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