Important note – Pathfinder SRD reference:

These are different from the Pesh rules in Dark Markets given those wouldn’t allow Pesh use to be so universally desired.

Note that benefits of the same drug do not stack. Taking multiple doses of the same drug only refresh the benefit, but penalties like stat damage and addiction would occur. In the case of Pesh Whey, Raw Pesh, and White Pesh are all concidered the same drug and the highest benefit would apply. (For example, someone under the effects of Pesh Whey gets 1 temp HP for one hour. They then consume raw pesh and will have 1d4 temp Hitpoints NOT 1d4+1.)

Unless noted otherwise, it takes one minute before Pesh effects occur. Pesh that is eaten takes a standard action. Pesh that is smoked takes a full round action and provokes Attack of Opportunity. When used offensively, Pesh like other drugs is considered a Poison for purposes of immunity and saving throws. The saving throw for various types of Pesh to avoid its effects (including potency, see below), unless specifically noted in individual entries, is the same DC as its addiction DC. Multiple doses increase this DC by +2.

Different types of Pesh have different levels of Potency and Addiction. Potency is important for determining a possible overdose.

Pesh Sickness is what happens when one consumes too much Pesh. Normally, a character can take 1 + 1 per CON mod (minimum 2 even with negative CON mod) in Pesh Potency per 24 hours without the danger of overdose. For every point above this maximum the character must make a fort save of the DC of the Pesh used or be sickened for 1 hour. Each additional dose taken while over potency maximum forces a new save at +2 DC. If the character consumes (or is forced too) Pesh of a total of more than double their maximum in 24 hours they are automatically sickened and must make Fort save at the current DC or fall unconscious for 1 day. Pesh sickness can be treated by a Remove Disease spell using the Pesh overdose DC as the DC to overcome or through use of some skills.

Pesh Whey (1 Potency) costs 2-3 CP per dose and is often found in teas, bread, gum and even bandages which are chewed and sucked on. When used in any form the user gains +1 temporary hitpoint for one hour with no other effects as long as used in moderation. If a character becomes sickened from Pesh Whey there is a DC 10 Fort save to avoid minor addiction (CON -2, 2 saves to cure).

Raw Pesh (2 Potency) costs 1 SP per dose. Often smoked though sometimes can be applied as a paste to bread. Either way it takes 1 minute for its effects to come into play. When consumed the user gains 1d4 temporary hitpoints and +2 alchemical bonus vs. Fear for 1 hour, but also suffer 1 point Wisdom damage. It has a chance of minor addiction at DC 10 (-2 CON, 2 saves to cure).

Refined Pesh varies in cost. This is raw Pesh that has been processed in different ways using a variety of additives and techniques including magic. The result varies in color which is used to refer to the different forms of refined Pesh.

“White” Pesh (3 Potency) is the most common of the refined Pesh types, its manufacture focuses on the removal of as many impurities as possible. It is smoked, taking one minute to consume. Each dose costs 10 GP and gives 1d8 temporary hitpoints and a +3 alchemical bonus against Fear. The side effects are more intense as well, the user suffering 1 DEX and 1 WIS damage. Smoking white Pesh, especially with houkas (water pipe), is considered in vogue for members of Katapesh’s upper class. It has a chance of moderate addiction at DC 12 (-2 CON, -2 WIS, 3 saves to cure).

“Yellow” Pesh (2 Potency) is normally burned as an incense and costs 100 GP. When inhaled for one hour during meditation, study, or prayer for new spells, the user gains spells as if their key stat (choose one if multiclass) were two higher than normal (example a wizard with an INT of 18 studying under the effects of yellow pesh would gain one additional 1st and 5th level spells they can memorize), but the user also suffers -1 DEX damage and a chance of minor addiction at DC 11(-2 CON, 2 saves to cure).

When ground into a dust and inhaled the drug brings confusing and distorting hallucinations causing +10 to Concentration rolls for 6 rounds or until a successful DC 13 Fort save is made.

“Red” Pesh (1 Potency) is an effective aphrodisiac that comes in a variety of forms. The cheapest are thin wafers or tiny capsules, often stamped with the impression of the manufacturer’s symbol. These cost 1 GP each and whose effects are a + 1 alchemical bonus to diplomacy and bluff, DR of 1/- vs. Non Lethal damage, but also – 1 penalty to perception. There is no stat damage. The more expensive form is an 25 GP incense that when burned causes those nearby to be more inclined towards sexual activities, often used in pleasure tents or similar establishments. In both forms Red Pesh penalizes Will saves by -2 to resist sexual temptations and burns for one hour. Both forms have a chance of minor addiction DC 10 (-2 WIS, 2 saves to cure).

Red Pesh as a poison is not deadly, but its effects are concentrated if a much shorter time. Failure of a DC 12 Fort has the effect of an Unnatural Lust spell towards the nearest creature the affected victim might be attracted to for one min. Each round the victim can make a DC 12 Will save to act normally. It is rumored that more potent forms of this decadent drug exist.

“Black” Pesh (4 Potency) is rare, very addictive, and expensive 3000 GP. Similar in use as Yellow Pesh, it is much more powerful. When burned as an incense and used for one hour when meditating, praying, or studying it grants the user 1 spell power (1 caster level and +1 DC) to all schools for 24 hours. It causes -2 CON damage and has a chance severe addiction of DC 18 (-2 CON, -2 STR, -2 DEX, -2 WIS, 3 saves to cure)

Black pesh that hasn’t been properly prepared is a potent and deadly poison, destroying the mind as well as the body. Either ingested or coated on a weapon DC 20 (22 ingested) CON and WIS 1d3 1/rnd for 6 rnds, onset injury or 1 min if ingested.

“Grey” Pesh (4 Potency) is used by arena fighters and beserkers, it costs 300 GP. It is usually in the form of a large capsule that is chewed and swallowed. When consumed it has the effect of White Pesh except the side effect is 1d2 INT and WIS damage. More significantly, it causes the user to go into a rage like a barbarian for 10 rounds after which they are fatigued. Characters with the rage power already rage gain an additional +2 Alchemical bonus to STR and CON. However, while under the influence of Grey Pesh the user has trouble distinguishing friend from foe, and will attack the nearest living target and requiring a DC 15 perception roll to switch targets. An overdose has these same effects except that the user is in a true frenzy, attacking the nearest target, and at the end of the frenzy must make a DC 17 Fort save or else suffer 2d6 CON damage, successful save leaves the user exhausted. It has a chance of severe addiction of DC 17 (-2 CON -2 INT -2 WIS -2 CHA, 3 saves to cure).

“Blue” Pesh (2 Potency) is actually bluish-grey in color and is in the form of a chew which can be consumed over the course of an hour, though its effects take effect after 1 min. Its made with the same process as Grey Pesh, but its effects are milder and less expensive at 50 GP. Its use is common among the Pactmaster guard and mercenaries who take it before a battle. When chewed, the users senses and reactions are heightened but with the side effect of jittery and uncouth behavior. A user of Blue Pesh gains the effects of raw Pesh plus an alchemical bonus of +2 to DEX and +1 to perception rolls but also -2 to will saves vs. enchantment or emotion based effects except fear. Instead of -1 WIS damage they take -2 CHA damage instead. It has a moderate addiction of DC 13 (-2 CON -2 CHA, 2 saves to cure)

“Gold” Pesh Elixir (3 Potency) is truly unique, an expensive 3000GP liquid that when given to a fallen comrade affects them as if the Breath of Life and Neutralize Poison spells were cast on them by a 12th level cleric. In all other aspects its treated as a dose of White Pesh, to include benefits, penalties, and addiction.

“Purple” Pesh (3 Potency) is normally a poison that costs 400 GP. It is a tasteless paste that when ingested causes 1d2 STR and paralysis for 1d3 hours. It has a DC 18 an onset time of 10 min with a frequency of 1/min for 4 min. When smoked it has a similar effect, with causing the user to suffer 1d4 STR and DEX damage and be slowed for 1 hour. However, during this time they often experience prophetic visions, acting as a Divination spell cast by a 8th level cleric at 78 percent accuracy. It has a chance of moderate addiction at DC 14 (-2 CON, -2 WIS, 2 saves to cure)

Pesh Feats

(Note: These are changed slightly/added given feedback/viewing from other campaigns)

Pesh Euphoria (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Will saves if you have used pesh in the past hour. If you fail a saving throw against an enchantment effect while you are under the effects of pesh, you can attempt it again 1 round later at the same DC; this feat only gives you one extra chance to succeed on the saving throw (though if you have other reroll abilities, such as a rogue’s slippery mind, you may attempt them this round). Save bonus goes up by one per four Pesh feats the character possesses.

Pesh Healing (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: When you take a dose of raw pesh, you heal 1 hit point 1 per 2 Pesh feats. When you take a dose of refined pesh, you heal 5 hit points with 1d41 per Pesh feat the character possesses. The pesh still has its normal effects on you (temporary hit points, and so on).

Pesh Rejuvenation (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: If you have used raw pesh or refined pesh in the past hour, and you are brought to 0 or fewer hit points, you may immediately gain 10 temporary hit points (+1 per pesh feat) as a swift action. You may use this ability even if you are unconscious, but it cannot save you from an attack that immediately kills you.

Using this ability makes you sickened for 24 hours. You can end the sickness by using raw pesh or refined pesh. Using this ability while you are sickened makes you exhausted. You can end the exhaustion by using pesh or refined pesh; this leaves you only sickened, and another dose can end the sickness.

Experienced Pesh User (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: You can consume 3 (+ 1 per 3 Pesh feats) in extra potency of Pesh before becoming sickened. You also heal 1 additional point of stat damage caused by Pesh with 8 hours of rest.
Normal: A character can only consume 1 + CON Bonus in potency before becoming sickened.

Pesh Mystery (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: If having used any type of refined Pesh in the last hour, you may use any limited use per day class power, such as oracle mysteries, channeling, wildshape, additional time. For every four Pesh feats you possess, you may use this ability one more additional time after 1 hour has past and Pesh is used again.

Pesh Essence (Requires Pesh Rejuvenation)
Benefit: You may “hold” a dose (+1 per 3 Pesh feats) of Pesh inside your body without gaining any benefit or penalty until you release it as a swift action, whereupon its effects immediately take place. These doses may be of any Pesh Type and last 24 hours. In addition, you may give this dose to another creature as a touch attack. If successful the creature will be effected by the delivered dose as if they had consumed the Pesh themselves (usually takes 1 min for effects to occur). This attack does not count towards the your Pesh potency maximum. You also are no longer sickened after using Pesh Rejuvenation, though use of Pesh Rejuvenation will consume the stored dose.

Pesh Poison (Requires Pesh Essense)
Benefit: When touching another to deliver a dose of Pesh its effects take place immediately (instead of 1 min). In addition, you may instead convert your stored Pesh into a Poison, depending on the type of Pesh stored in your body with the DC noted below. If White Pesh, this is considered a Lesser Pesh overdose spell using your character level as the casting level. The DC for the poison is 10 + 1/2 Char Level + CON Mod + 1/4 of number of Pesh Feats the character possesses.

Pesh Scent (requires Apprentice Sahir-Afiyun or addicted or had been to Pesh)
Benefit: Your body emits a pleasant smelling Pesh laced perfume. This makes you more attractive to others, especially to those inclined to your gender. You gain a + 1 alchemical bonus per Pesh feat you posses on skill rolls to influence sentient creatures who engage in sexual activity (so dragons, but not elementals) and a + 1 DC to language depended spells plus 1 per 4 Pesh feats you possess. These bonuses are halved (round down) against those whom normally would not be attracted to your gender. However, because of the perfume’s strength, creatures with the scent ability have a +4 bonus to perception to pinpoint your location.

Sahir-Afiyun Apprentice
Benefit: Add all Pesh spells to your class spell list. In addition you gain a +2 bonus to all skill rolls dealing with Pesh, to include identifying, appraising, and creation of Pesh and Pesh magic items. Oracles and Sorcerers gain one Pesh spell to their known spells plus one per two Pesh feats they possess, while wizards and alchemists add two spells to their spell/formula books.

Sashir-Afiyun Master (Requires Sahir-Ariyun, two other Pesh feats, Caster level 6)
Benefit: You gain an additional +2 to all skill rolls dealing with Pesh. You no longer can be addicted to Pesh but still suffer from its side effects. Finally, you gain additional benefits when using refined Pesh, depending on the Pesh used:
White Pesh – Gain 10 extra temporary hitpoints.
Yellow Pesh – Gain bonus spells as if your stat was +4 higher instead of 2 higher.
Red Pesh – Benefits to Diplomacy and Bluff double, and non lethal DR becomes 3/-.
Black Pesh – Gain + 1 additional spell power.
Grey Pesh – Gain + 2 Alchemical STR and CON during rage.
Gold Pesh – Can be used in 2 rounds (instead of only one) of the recipient dying.
Purple Pesh – Visions are equal to a Commune spell cast by a 10th level cleric.
Blue Pesh – Gain an additional + 2 Alchemical bonus to DEX, + 1 additional Alchemical bonus to Perception.


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