A land of wonders and wishes this country will serve as the main region the PC will (likely) find themselves in.

Katapesh: the city
South of most civilized lands, sprawling across a valley of blazing-hot sand, is one of the most incredible and wondrous cities in all of Golarion: the great desert metropolis of Katapesh (pronounced KAT-a-pesh). Katapesh is a city of organized chaos where cash is king and commerce is the highest god. From its early beginnings as the Golden City, Katapesh was rich in natural resources and is located on the shores of the Obari Ocean. It retained its merchandile importance no matter who occupied the city. The metropolis of Katapesh is the home to many bazaars and fairs that sell anything one might desire. Two notable permanent markets within the city are the Peculiar Emporium and the Nightstalls.

Kelmarane is a ruined battle market village in northwestern Katapesh. The village was one of several in the Uwaga Highlands of the Brazen Peaks situated around the battle market. In 4689 AR the Pactmasters abandoned it to ruin. By 4707 AR the Kulldis tribe of gnolls had claimed Kelmarane as its own. The village has since become a haven of gnoll slavers, human bandits and disreputable brigands from the northlands. Aside from the ancient battle market and the ruined church of Sarenrae, most of the structures in Kelmarane are abandoned ruins. Most lack roofs or sturdy walls, but others are solid enough to provide temporary shelter. The Pactmasters hired Almah Roveshki to reclaim the village.

The city of Solku is located near the western mountains of Katapesh (the Barrier Wall mountains), where it is relatively cut off from the rest of the nation. The settlement is frequently besieged by gnoll slavers, and thus rests within a tall wall, though this does not always provide enough protection to keep the town’s people safe.


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