House Rules

There may be some rules changes here in the wiki section under various headings. I will try to use this area as a catch all.

Create Water in this Campaign is a level 1 spell for all casters except those who have a Water Aspect (Cleric of a Water Deity, Druid with Water Domain, etc). As such finding endless water is somewhat more difficult than first thought.

Imbalances – Not all traits/feats/abilities are created equal. If you have something that fits your character concept really well but the effects are lack-luster compared to others we can chat to bring it up to speed.

Go Time! – When asked for your character’s action, declare it immediately and with theatrical flourish. I will grant a +1 Circumstance bonus to any such die roll or +1 to your applicable DC.

Weapon Finesse Due to the relative weak nature of the feat and dex fighters in general I’m stating weapon finesse also gives the feat Agile Maneuvers.

House Rules

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