Character Creation

Character Creation

1) Character Sheet – Up to your preferences

2) Ability Scores – 20 Point Buy

3) Choose a race – I’m very flexible. Katapesh is a land where travel is heavy due to the great trading city. I will likely frown on races that require cool temperatures to thrive but even that can be overcome in various ways.

4) Choose a class – Once again I want to encourage players to play characters they envision as being fun for them. Tat said I would prefer people stay somewhat focused on exploring the western view of one thousand and one night type setting. I think a gunslinger is a cool class idea but might not fit here. We can always try to reskin a class to be more fitting for the lands of genies and pesh.

5) Allocate skill ranks – Skills work different in pathfinder than in 3.5 D&D. You only get a small number of skills at first level but each class skill which gets a point gets a one time +3 added to the score.

6) Determine feats and traits – As per Pathfinder rules (All classes start with one feat. Humans get a bonus feat. Fighters get a bonus combat feat.) All character start with 2 traits (One of which must be a LoF Campaign trait). You get 1 bonus trait if you put a small background up for all to see/read. Remember to follow ruels for traits such as only 1 per category and trait bonuses do not stack.

7) Determine starting hit points – All character start with max hitpoints. When you level you may roll hitpoints. If you rolled less than 50% you may take whatever number is at or right above 50%. I believe this is more fair for high hit dice classes than using the pathfinder society standard.

8) Get equipped – As rolled hit points you may roll and if under 50% take what is closest to average. Katapesh sells equipment from all over Golarion so feel free to buy anything at the start you feel fits your character concept.

9) Determine Saving Throws, Initiative, and Attack Values. – As per Pathfinder rules. Do not forget things such as size modifiers, trait bonuses, etc.

10) Description and Personality – These can be added to the character sheet on the site as part of the bonus trait and a level 1 bonus favored class addition or +1 starting hit point or +1 skill point.

11) Other (Starting Spells) – As per pathfinder. I am granting all character Kelish as a free starting language, Note that Common (Polyglot) does not allow great nuance. Any attempts at bluff/diplomacy etc that aren’t about haggling/trade are at a +2 difficulty due to the limited vocabulary of the language.

12) Find a Mini!

Characters will be starting at the City of Solku. I will chat with individuals regarding how they came to join the Caravan to Kelmarane.

Character Creation

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