Legacy of Fire!

Abudari First Outing


Our first adventure in the Legacy of Fire campaign. It was the get the party together and begin to work together. Establish the flavor of the campaign and the characters more so than monster hunting.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest. Serious. Earnest. Dignified.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female, whip fighter in training, the ingenue tribal warrior with self doubt
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female, religious fanatic badass, classic strong warrior woman (linear destroyer)
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male, studious, pompous, dangerous, religious,
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female, tactical, courageous, impulsive, other strong warrior woman (circular arete)
Wade – Reza, elf male?, quiet, reserved, intense, broken, authority issues

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

As any good goblin will tell you, it is all about what you start eating that day. It was a fortunate day as Yarar (aka Bro Serious or BS), bought me my favorite meat pie. It wasn’t even my birthday. We had a good lead on Mommy that we were checking out that morning at the Auspicious Mermaid. As I was eating the pie, I realized it was going to be a good day.

The meet went great and an old acquaintance of Mommy let us know that she was near Kalmarane trying to score some money. She was framed and someone was trying to send her into slavery but not with BS and Me on the trail. We would not only free Mommy but make mad mad loot and ensure her freedom.

Later that afternoon, BS went to the church and asked about Kalmarane. He set it up so that the church sent him to Kalmarane to liberate it from Gnolls. Not only did he get a kick ass set of equipment but blessing of his church and great information. We were going on a grand holy crusade to liberate St. Vardishal Monastery and the Precious Blood of Sarenrae aka First church of Kalamarane.

Hell, we were only back at the brothel… err… the place I found us to stay at in Solku when this human named Garavel propositioned us. He wanted us to ‘ride’ with him to help his ‘princess’. Well, BS actually found out it was legitimate and not some weirdo. Garavel was actually getting a group of adventurers together to help Princess Merchant Almah Roveshki.

We signed up. Need to have strength in numbers when on a holy crusade.

That next morning, I got to meet these delightful adventurers. They came in all shapes and sizes though mostly bigger. It was odd, most of them shy and seemed to not want to talk to me. It must because of my natural charisma. When you go green, everyone seems mean.

Tala was very nice. Helped me put my pack on the camel. Tall, strong, forgot her sword but was too… confident to go back for it.

And then there was Hawada… Cute hottie with a whip. Then we had this really awkward conversation about slavers and whips. Sumna makes me feel icky again. This is a recurring theme. Hawada has issues with slavers. Maybe she means to redeem the weapon as a symbol of freedom and heroism. Anyway, she has slaver issues speaking of ‘authority’ issues…

Reza was uh, nondescript. Male and female at the same time. Kinda like a goblin but with only green eyes. Spoke little. I think he got really angry with Sumna too.

Speaking of intense green eyes, there was the tongue twisting Zashi. Must make note in diary, do not get on her badside. Develop tonic to make her loosen up.

And then there is Sumna. By the green scales of goblinhood, he was a charismatic smart meanie. He managed to work in ‘ilk’ three times in his first conversation with me. I can tell he is super smart. But like all mysterious.

And then there was my Bro. He really can calmly insert himself into any social occasion. He said a few words and he is trusted. I have to run through a burning building to save a childs life before her parents would consider not stoning me. Remember that time in Katapesh lower ward with those Eskel twins? Damn.

We set out that morning on Camels. And proceeded for like a lifetime out into the desert. Stopping midday to eat, so we would beat out the heat of Sarenrae. Bless her glory. That first meal was great. I offered melon to everyone and most accepted it. I will slowly win them over with my amazing cuisine. Must slowly establish trust and get them used to me serving the food. Then when I offer them a potion in battle, they will more likely drink it. And later when I establish my traveling food and alchemy cart, ‘Meals and Heals on Wheels’ they can help spread my glory by word of mouth.

Over time I got to learn a little bit about each of the fellow travelers. Hadrod loved animals and named them all. Kind hearted man. Later I would meet his wife, she was similar. Good pairing.

Garavel was no nonsense business guy. Much like BS with proverbial sticks, G is the eyes and ears of the princess.

Reza has a pet centipede. And when I say pet, it was big enough for me to ride or worry about smothering me in my sleep.

Zashi and Sumna were always together. Guarding each other as a fanatical obsession to paranoia. Tragic historical events shaped their lives no doubt. Oh, and they are pesh addicts. Went and searched their tent to make sure of my suspicions. As it is the drug of sleep, I made sure the wonder twins were split up on watch. In case they get high during nightfall. Later on, I can establish them as customers. Get them some better pesh than that cheap crap they are on.

Oh, I made sure the rest of the team knew but told them to be discreet. Like family, we don’t want to talk about it. Help fill in the flaws of other members. Hell, I need these guys saving me from my next stoning, burning at the stake (remember the misunderstanding with that girl at the Brion Farm?) or drowning (happened to cousin Zook). I wonder if the attempts on my life will go down now that I am in the wilderness.

Tala, prideful as ever, continued to practice with daggers and refused to admit she left behind a critical piece of equipment. Oh, wait. She could be on a quest to reclaim her families ancestral sword and refuses to use a real weapon until she lays her hands on it. Oh, how noble.

Hawadah tries to sneak off an practice with her whip. She is getting better and is horribly embarrassed by it. Nice kid.

BS is BS. Glad to have him around.

Anyway, we get going one night and come across this burning campsite and it is amazing. Then Princess speaks. What a bitch. But despite her noises, the rest of the team springs into action. BS and I go to heal. Zashi, Sumna and Reza go to get a cart out of the way and Hawadah and Tala put out the fire. Things I learned, our team is competent. Zashi can break me in two with her hands.

Then Princess assigned us to solve the mystery of the dead fortuneteller. I can honestly say I had a good hand in helping with that. They did the talky part. Hawadah and I did the tracking part of the lost goat.

Let me explain. We examine the fire. Find the body, determine that he had no pre fire wounds and he inhaled smoke. Most likely he was asleep when the tent went up. Now we moved to talking to everyone. No suspects with motive other than creeper Deshki. He talks about this wild animal called a pugwampi did it. They worship the Gnolls.

While we were out and about, the animal handler was Hadrod was calling Rombard. It turns out his prize number one goat was gone. So… we adventured and started tracking it.

Turns out the pugwampi stole the goat as a sacrifice and had evidence on him that linked him to the fortuneteller’s death. Pugs had fortune telling cards in his pocket that were not burned. Dun dun dunh.
I cannot believe that Pugs made such a rookie mistake. Gosh, it is almost like Hawadah getting caught picking up gold pieces in the fortune tellers tents. I got a cut of that.

We come up on the goat in the middle of a cactus field. I run to get the goat, and damn, I get attacked by the most vicious cactus imaginable. Tala comes in to save me. She is awesome that way. Then the Pugwampi attacks Tala. I really would think that the pugwampi being one of the blessed smaller races would not be so size-ist. I get no respect as a goblin.

The rest of the team starts helping us. Tala starts backing us out after a few humorous moments where I was tangled and being strangled by the goat (like that time by Miller’s pond with those dwarven runts.) Thank goodness we were exiting. Tala lifted me over her head to protect me (ME!) from the cacti. I felt like such a hero as I promised to eat the Pugwampi and shot him in the chest with a crossbow. Well, the little ankle biter harassed Tala and then when she was almost free of the cacti, it turned and fled. And impaled itself on a needle of a cacti.

I retrieved the body. Tala retrieved the goat. BS healed Tala and I bound her wounds. You know, reciprocation is the nicest form of thank you. Anyway, we went back to camp and went to the Princess. We foiled the villain and saved the goat.

And if I play my cards right, I will get the pugwampi body as a reward. It will be an auspicious day if I can eat it before we begin the holy crusade against the Gnoll warband.


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