Legacy of Fire!

Abudari Fifth Outing


The fifth adventure within the Legacy of Fire. In this exciting episode, we finish exploring the tower of Nethys, we scout the town of kelmarane, attempt to save sacrifices and fight off giant birds.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female.
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female.
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male. Words of power
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female.
Wade – Reza, elf male.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Hello diary. Did you miss me?

Let’s see, we left off with Sumna screaming inside a hallway with funny vapors. We shouldn’t have worried so much, Sumna is good with vapors. It was merely a hallucinogen to give penitent visitors proper outlook. It certainly helps make the place seem more lively.

So we fished Sumna out of the mists and a few minutes later he recovered. We put our collective thoughts together and realized there is no danger we can’t just rush in and solve.

We rushed into the hallway and turned the corner to see a wandering man speaking Orisiani and talking to a wall. In the middle of the room was a giant floating pleasure palanquin. Exactly that type I found in Katapesh that I was merely touching when the guards tried to fill me with crossbows. Luckily they shot Yarar more than me.

Anyway, we were all feeling a little woozy except the two druggies. As we explored we saw this guy talking about a gift from a sultan. That the whack job was an Amir (leader dude) from Orisiani (maybe?). And he got this cool punch dagger (turns out to be cursed and turned him into a were-lynx).

We attempt to speak to him and he is offended by our presence. Says that he is here for his needs. That this holy place is his. He draws a dagger. I draw a crossbow and he attacks. Just like good old Katapesh. Everyone objects when the goblin pulls a weapon. When he attacks he goes all furry and shit. So I light him on fire. I mean if he is going to provide a good flammable surface…

We drop him like a furry chump. And loot him like a pimp loots his buck tooth whore. He has a magic armor shirt, a magic dagger and lots of goods in his dead mule that he fucked up himself in his drugged out haze.

We move on. Find secret doors and then the main temple area. Altar, pillars with spells on them and holy lights. I copy a few spells, so does the witch Reza. Sumna and Zashi pray.

We go back to the top and start scouting out. We notice that at one point, four gnolls take a human out to the pesh fields and torture him to death. We would have been too late to save him.

But the second day when they try to do it, we rush to save the human. We run to the human and this time it is a little different location in the pesh fields, the gnolls hit the ground to summon the monster and then beat feet. We are unsure if they saw us. But we grabbed the human and ran. Zashi and Sumna throwing arms underneath him and running. As we ran, I looked back and saw something with huge tentacles coming after us. I slowed down to buy the group time and the giantess did the same. She really has a martyr complex. I wonder if we should just post a suicide watch on her. I mean, I have copious amounts of experience with things attempting to eat me and most monsters think twice before feasting on goblin, I was in no danger. But Tala is prime hero dinner. However, the team managed to get out of the pesh fields faster than the tentacle beast and I did not get to find out precisely what the monster was.

So two different monsters in the pesh fields that will need to be cleaned out.

We got back to the Monastery with the human. He was Chelexia and was attempting to loot it. He got caught be a goat demon (which Hawada had already seen and noted.) The adventuring group was slowly being sacrificed and there was only one more adventurer in town. We would have to get a move on.

The next day, we discovered that a giant bird returned to it’s nest. It went for me. Attempting to kill the goblin. I swear everything is a racist. We fed the giant bird (vulture) flaming hot death. We all got filth disease so had to rest.

I think that is where we will end the journal for now.

Abudari Fourth Outing


The fourth adventure within the Legacy of Fire. In this exciting episode, we make plans to invade Kelmarane and end up at a broken tower to Nethys (God of Magic).


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female.
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female.
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male. Words of power
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female.
Wade – Reza, elf male.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

We had secured the monastery of Saint some one or another that starts with V. Vardishal. Anyway, we started cleaning the place up. I moved downstairs to the secret alchemy lab with Father Zastoran.

We setup some watches that night. We watched the howls between Kelmerane and the upper camp at around Midnight. We also saw lights in the hill. Probably from that old fort. We made a deal with the Princess to buy what we needed at cost. She even bullied Father Zastoran to do the same. Later, I visited Father Z and let him know I would collect Alchemical goodies for him.

The next morning we got up to discuss how to go about taking over Kelmerane. We watched the town for five minutes and saw they had patrols and watchouts. I was forced to buy a damn spy glass from that crook. At least he didn’t try to club me with it like that one time in the Green Horse in Kelesh. Man, was that awkward with his sister.

Anyway, I handed the spy glass to Tala so she could get a better look. She has the largest eyes which makes her the best at it. Oh yeah, I had a minor interaction with her. I procured my spider glands from her bag. And then she came to me with a thousand pardons for losing my possessions. Rather than expecting I might have gotten them. I let her know that I had retrieved them and that material possession between adventurers in Goblin culture was fluid. I showed her where the common potions were. She went on to extol the virtue of my kind. Bizarre. I realize now that perhaps Tala doesn’t get out much.

Anyway, we made a look of the area and determined that there was a tower dedicated to Nethys God of Magic that was east of Kelmarane and across the river. We would use that as our launch point to observe the town of Kelmarane and strike from there. Drawing the attention away from the Princess and the monastery. Hopefully.

We went over to the tower. And looked around. We then found this huge treasure trove. Enormous amounts of stuff. And then the poisonous spiders attacked. We almost got wiped out. Losing our ability to fight due to loss of strength. We won but were unable to continue.

I learned important things during this fight.
-Tala is flammable.
-My splash damage was greater than my direct damage.
-I work best when not being stabbed.
-I got a lot more poison glands.

We rested the day and watched Kelmarane noticing that they had weird creatures at the mill and another place that liked Goats. In addition, some mysterious creature demon goat thing that hid in shadows.

Later, we would go down into the temple of Nethys. We went down and saw something had clawed things all over. Some freaky statues were inside that if you looked at too long would explodinate your head. We went through the least used passage. Inside we came across chokers. I delivered hot flaming death (I was in a mood). We destroyed them easily and moved on to a chamber guarding the holy of holies. Spinx constructs were here and I gave them more hot flaming death.

We went to a corridor of mist and whispers. While I didn’t understand it, Sumna did and felt he could go safely into them. He said a few sentences in some half dead language as if answering questions and then walked into the mist. It got really dark.

Then Sumna screamed like a little girl. Zashi would totally blame me.

Abudari Third Outing


The third adventure within the Legacy of Fire. In this exciting episode, we investigate the lower depths of the Monastery.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female.
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female.
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male. Words of power
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female.
Wade – Reza, elf male.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Well, this one is not so exciting. We, the heroes, continued our exploration of the Monastery.

In the corner of the monastery where it was collapsed was a giant spider. It viciously attacked us and we unfortunately had to put it down. It had poison and these wicked sharp teeth. Like a beaver but bigger, rounder, sharper.

I was able to extract some glands for later from this magnificent beast. I also grabbed a foreleg for a mid morning crunchy snack.

We searched some more and cleaned as we went. There was like a disgusting kitchen and barracks.

However, we then proceeded down, down into the depths of the earth. Swallowed whole while we went through a secret tunnel underneath a statue.

There was these corridors with dead monks. Looked like they had been betrayed. This was the Temple of Saint Vardishal. So whoever did betray them was Pro Bad Guy. Anyway, we finally got to the Alchemy lab and everything went pear shaped.

These fire resistant oozes attacked. And they seemed to really really like me. I succumbed to my wounds. I forgot to heal myself after the Spider attack.

Indeed, I had something of a revelation. While I lay there dying from mortal wounds, I had a vision. A wind devil Princess (djinn) lead an army against a fire devil Prince (efreet). There was a great war between these two factions. Well, the evil fire efreet was trapped in a mountain by the wind princess. She then went to like 5 followers and granted each a wish. I swear I saw Saint Vardishal say ‘I wish for Immortality.’ With the capital I.

So I got sucked into the big war. Obviously, I was now a key figure to defeat the return of the fire devil prince. During the dream, it was revealed to me that I would find a special crossbow under the eggs upstairs. I did. So I am now bound to the mission.

I fear telling the others how special I am compared to them. It would be a blow to their egos to learn that I was the hero of the age going to set a wrong right.


Reza: First thoughts

My days are all new now. My morning communion promises that with patience comes liberation. That day the path to liberation was revealed. Gavrael came and made clear that things were changing, I could perform these last tasks of adventure and risk, but at the end is the promise of freedom. I breathed in the air to taste it and remember. I nodded and said “of course”.

My companions are all mercenaries of some sort. I think my situation is unique amoungst them, but that is not to say that I am the odd one out. There are definitely odder and farther out in this krewe.

Relationships and pairings are important to note, as the sympathies will carry through. I will succeed or fail to the degree that I can insert myself into these relations.

Sumna and Zaci are the quiet pair, though perhaps quiet is a misnomer. They speak often in cypher, actively hiding their thoughts and conversations in the bonds of family and behind the wall of inscrutible and impenetrable secrets. None the less, I feel there is a kinship I can exploit with Sumna at least, possibly with Zaci. They understand the arcane arts in a way that speaks of study and prayer more than the Communion I know, but still, it is a start. I know they would be at home in the salons and parlors I have served in and this makes them an understood and dangerous resource.

The other family is Abudari and Yarar, though I assume it is a kinship of faith and community, since if the two of them share blood I’ll offer to spend the night with Abudari. It’s just surely not happening. Abudari has great power in those concoctions of his, and he’s obviously obsessed with all things culinary for some reason. I don’t trust enough yet to just blindly eat the things he serves, given that the bodies tend to disappear a bit too fast. He’s proven himself in a fight already, which is where I’m least comfortable. Yarar. I have nothing but respect for a man of faith in the light of Serenrae. I don’t know him yet, but fear dragging him into the uglier pieces of the world – let him walk in the sunlight for a while longer if he can.

Our Solitaires are all struggling in their own way. I should find allies amoungst them. Hawadah twists on the hook of someone elses expectations. She works hard at perfection in that way that says even success is not the goal. I pray she comes to see her own power before she is broken under the weight of those expectations.

Tala has her own struggles with expectations. I don’t understand her history or her past yet. I certainly don’t understand what it is she does, but she has a confidence that only comes from being tested. I think that she will be a problem though. A strong will, looking for reasons to be upset at the world, I think.

Our initial conflicts go well. I expected them, I don’t flinch, I don’t shy from it. I manage just barely to remember the secrets Communion has brought me. We will see how long I can hold it all together in my mind.

Purging Pugwampies

What Ho, Fellow Explorers!
If only you could see the merry band of fellows with whom I’ve thrown in my lot!

I start, as it were, in media res — in the middle of the action. Here we are in an ancient and deserted temple, under attack by the ugliest, fattest, foullest little creatures you have ever witnessed! My stalwart companions and I are being harrassed by pugwampies (mythologica pygmani pugwampica, to be sure) which creatures I believed to be only silly tales until now. In fact, I fear I may have bested you all. In proof, I shall ask my goblin-alchemist compatriot to preserve the skin of one for me to show at our next meeting.

That is right… I keep company with a goblin-alchemist. He’s not even the strangest of the lot. Look you -

  • Yarar: A priest, otherworldly in his own right. Stern and canny, he can barter a great turn (once you light a fire under his glowing rump!). I believe that of all of us, he is most likely to live a hero (or, perhaps, die the death of a truly worthy martyr!). Although clearly of human stock, he claims to be brothers with…
  • Abudari: Said goblin-alchemist, with a penchant for potions. He certainly is a hero against the pugwampies, and a surprisingly good cook. It was interesting to find him a cheerful and educated practitioner of the alchemical arts, for all that he is only as tall as…
  • Hawadah: A tiny heroine-in-the-making from the tribes of the halflings. She seems unusually eager to befriend me, but I suppose she simply looks forward to the company of a seasoned female adventurer, from whom she can learn the sophistication to make her own way in the world, unlike…
  • Sumna: A mysterious and creepy magic user, he has all the poor manners of an outlander, while looking deceptively like a civilized countryman of my own. He is an insulting barbarian, who may yet be redeemed by the company of…
  • Zaci: A smart and pretty mouse of the most noble bearing. This archetype of femininity is gentle and soft, but still with the necessary show of spirit to prove she is no worn peasant or housemaid. She is as lithe and withdrawing as any of my sisters, moving with a gentle grace that leaves no trail. In that, she is quite alike to…
  • Reza: An elf. (Yes, you read that right!) We should put a bell on him, but I fear it would make him – I suppose, him? Who can tell? – jump out of his skin with each chime. He has surely not joined us for the adventure of it all, because a more timid creature I have yet to meet. Still, I am sure it satisfies something within the barbaric and unfathomable elven soul

So – there we were, surrounded and in the rafters. We lashed about and fell ingloriously, so you’ll forgive me if I do not detail the details. I must say, though, that I made quite a picture throughout it all – ducking and dodging caught on high, thin beams too near the ceiling not to risk a good crack on the noggin! Look for the full story in the upcoming Chronicle called Purging Pugwampies, first in the series of Tall Tala’s True-ish Tales!

Worth the Risk

Inner musings by Zaci, while imbibing pesh at the end of the long day.
My brother and I find ourselves duly hired for the task of helping cleanse the city of Kelmarane for the Pactmasters. The known enemy seems to be Gnolls and strange and annoying creatures called Pugwampi’s so far. The latter prefer ranged attacks, which has to date limited my ability to fight them.

The Princess has offered us 500 gold, which is more than Sumna and I have ever collected for a task, including assassination. Lives aren’t worth what they used to be. I’m glad to have the company of my brother on this expedition, the others in our party seem to be a strange lot, but after our first major encounter, some have shown their value to the group.

The halfling Hawadah squeals often. I’m not sure if she means to portray herself as an amateur with her girlish squeaks and attachment to the warrior woman Tala. Maybe it’s a survival strategy to be connected with stronger beings who will defend her. Tala herself is most impressive. I’ve seen her work with the blade and while I haven’t had occasion to show my prowess, at some point we’ll have a lot to discuss. Being a strong female can make for uneasy alliances with less secure men.

The goblin Abudari is quite amusing. It’s all I can do not to laugh at his antics. In our last encounter in the monastery, he was quite effective against the pugwampi’s and he looks to be a powerful alchemist. Like most goblins, he eats whatever he can catch, though at least has a culinary bent to his feasting.

Reza, the elf, and my brother seem to be the most powerful when it comes to arcane magics. The elf keeps his distance and hasn’t seemed to try to make any alliances in our pack, but the road can be lonely and with the unknown enemies we face, he may need friends sooner than later. I could see him and Sumna getting on well, but trust is not something we give easily to strangers.

Overall, the reward is worth the risk – we’ve faced far worse obstacles and triumphed. I haven’t begun to show the group my full abilities, but want them to know they have a strong ally in me for as long as we are tied by this task.

Powerful and enlightened Nethys, give us the strength to overcome our enemies and not fall prey to falseness. We will persevere to give you greater glory in this dark city.

Abudari Second Outing


The second adventure within the Legacy of Fire. In this exciting episode, we negotiate for better pay, travel to the monastery of Sarenrae and beat on Pugwampi’s.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female.
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female.
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male. Words of power
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female.
Wade – Reza, elf male.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

I should start with where we left off. Though that is definitely not the best place. We were in the tent of Princess Almah and she had just offered two hundred gold for the liberation of Kelmarane. Now, Tala stepped up and tried to negotiate a bit more but Princess was not buying. Sumna stepped up next and got equally nowhere. That was when Bro cleared his throat. He smiled and began. Oh, I remember why he and I are so similar. Bro had her eating out of his hand with a few deft strokes of his diplomatic sword. I think that is the phrase.

Anyway, we suddenly were getting 500 gold for the mission. That is my Brother. He would have made a fine merchant prince.

Well, I tried to offload the pugwampi body but Princess Almah insisted it receive an examination by Father Zastoran. I accompanied Garavel who graciously carried my breakfast to Father Zastoran… Alchemist. Now, he is the regular kind of Alchemist. A specialist who concerns himself with the base production and not the higher mysteries like myself.

We had a great morning examining the body and talking shop. During the talk, we dickered over some supplies. Just to establish that mercantile relationship. WE talked religion, he being a follower of stuffy Nethys (God of Magic). And at the end, I was able to take care of the body.

I went out of camp and setup a cook fire. I roasted it with fire beets, snash peas and a honey grea sauce. While I was cooking Sumna and Zashi wandered by on one of their pesh walks. I waved but they did not want to share my glorious meal. Probably why later that day they did not do as well. I said the sacred words over the copper knife as I consumed my enemy.

Having consumed the spirit of my enemies, the group gathered to attack the Monastery of Saint Vardishal. This would be our staging point for the retaking of Kelmarane. We set out and I knew it was an auspicious day. Right before the temple, we were seven in an chevron walking in step as the sun broke through some clouds near the mountains. There was the bright reflection off our armor and weapons. It was an auspicious sign by Sarenrae that we would bring the heat upon our foes.

We entered through a ruined portal and began to explore. In the vestibule and holy altar, there was a nest… of hard hearing Pugwampi. We strode forth in confidence and a horrible curse overtook us. It caused my companions to be struck with ill fortune. Each endeavor prone to failure. Luckily, I was with them and immune to these effects because of the sacred meat I had consumed.

I was able to adequately demonstrate my goblin superiority by raining a holy fire of bombs upon them. I was so effective that they concentrated their wrath upon me. I was implacable. My fire consumed them. I drove them before me like a holy warrior of Sarenrae.

Hawada had it worse. Her every blow rebounded from their hide. A great mockery arose from our foes. Striking truer missiles with words than the frail needles they poked us with. At a certain point they were laughing so hard at the poor halfling they didn’t even attack.

Reza did things. Dark unspeakable things with words and gestures. He began to laugh the pugwampi in a profoundly unnatural way. I thought Elves were supposed to be aloof, artistic and slightly tasteful. Not that I should invest any belief in racial stereotypes as I am completely different than a normal goblin but Reza is disturbed. His actions seemed to cause the enemy to falter, stumble and lose momentum.

Sumna also was mildly effective. He had a few arcane spells that hurt the enemy. It was different style of magic involving power words. Now, he was not as effective as say, myself, but he made a good showing.

With the Pugwampis staying at range or in the rafters, the more melee based adventurer’s really were ineffective. Running to and fro without hitting the elusive little shits. Luckily I coated the enemies in fire to help them.

It was a grand time. We explored a bit. Found out a bunch about Saint Vardishal who seemed to oppose some dark enemy under a mountain and created the monastery as a training place to thwart this evil. I am sure that is just outdated mumbo jumbo. Pay no attention to the dire motifs on the wall.

We found a bird nest with giant eggs. I convinced the party that they were far too heavy to carry back and we should just eat them. :) Another enemy to consume their strength. We started searching the other rooms and Hadawa and I found all the secret doors, compartments and swiveling statues. She really has confidence issues. I need to slip in some better meat into her stew. Bolster her spirit.

When we found one of those secret places, it had magic items. As did the pugwampis. I deferred on all of the magic items. One was a magic dagger that Hawada really needed to make her feel… empowered. I am waiting patiently for what I really want. A mithril chain shirt, a bag of holding, a handy haversack or… a magic crossbow. Then I am going to give them the secret weapon. The bawling goblin. I can sob so well that it will make the teeth chatter and the bowels clench.

Now, the next room we entered had stirges but before I enter about that fight, I have to go have dinner. A nice omelette.

Hawadah's Letter of Disgrace

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am disgraced! I am unworthy to bear the name “Adventurer”. The ever gracious Princess Almah even raised our reward to 500 gold pieces!! But I don’t deserve it. I should just head back now. Why did I ever think a lowly halfling servant like myself could ever be worthy of Greatness!

Dad, they mocked me! Taunted me! Little creatures half my size… I know I was never as good a fighter as Haakim, but I never knew I was so bad as to deserve the scorn of…Pugwampies!!

Maybe the tall, brave and generous Tala will allow me to be her servant…it seems to be the only thing I’m good at…or maybe the Goblin Abudari could teach me how to mix potions. He makes these bombs of fire that seem to destroy all creatures in their path… You know, I always was a good mixer…Effendi always told me my cactus soup was the best he’d ever had…ooooo…. We ran across a geiyer’s nest with eggs as big as me. I bet they’d make a great soufflé…but I digress…

Do not fear for me, Mom and Dad. I have not yet given up. I am Hawadah of Tribe Qadam Ma’ Sa’’ra…the humble yet determined…

Just recently I was gifted a magic dagger which I hope will be the answer to my pleas. I plan to practice a lot with both Whip and Dagger…I will show those Pugwampies who’s pathetic…(and hopefully it won’t be me next time)…

Until then…May your purses and your bellies always be full.

Humbly yours,


The First Prayer (Sumna)
Sumna's Journal

The First Prayer

Prostrated in a position of supplication and deepest reverence, I bow low before your magnificence, most powerful Nethys. As my sister and I embark in a new fold in the fabric of the life you have given us, please keep your magical touch upon us. I come before you in admittance of my acts and confessions of transgressions…

My sister and I have joined with a caravan bound for Kalamarane. We embark this task in your honor, with the hopes that we will be able to establish first a shrine in your name and then a most fitting temple. We began our journey within the confines of Solku. As we set out and met up with the main caravan late in the eve days later, it had been beset by fire. In the end, it was a pugwampi, which subsequently was the first time encountering one, though familiar with their lot. Its own minor forays into scheming characterized the mayhem, but there is much work to do and I will not be distracted. Though I believe there is more afoot here than meets the eye, I would be trapped in folly should I decide to chase ghosts—but a little wariness and paranoia can never hurt…

My most revered All-Seeing Eye, my sister and I have made acquaintance with a most dysfunctional lot of miscreants. Premonitions plague me that the fate of my sister and I will be inevitably intertwined with these most undesirable souls.

Priest Yarar Azar…though I do admire his fervor to The Dawnflower, his devoutness bleeds over into a realm of higher morality. As typical to many worshippers of Sarenrae, they see themselves as a higher authority on the behavior of their fellow sentients. While I can appreciate the unnecessary acts of maliciousness among men, there is a time and place when one must delve into the dark to bring in the light. My god, only you truly understand the need for this dynamic, but I endeavor to follow your example—a balance of preservation and utter destruction. Priest Yarar is also a human that possesses most unusual characteristics—reminiscent of the blood that my sister and I carry, yet…not. In conclusion, he will be a most valuable asset to this band, but sometimes his shining light will need to be left in the dark…

Tala…a competent woman with gifted warrior prowess. Like the Priest, her blood carries something not entirely natural. It is the only way that her unnatural strength and size can be explained. I am no stranger to females that are verse with the ways of the blade, so I understand her benefit to this band comes in a very direct manner. She is also Vudrani, at least culturally. Her habits, demeanor and speech scream it to me. When the opportunity arises, I will have to indulge myself into her true nature…and why she is here. For now, I have seen her bravery matches her blade…and another to put between myself and the gnolls.

Hawadah…a Halfling street urchin without the benefit of the savvy that should accompany it. Perhaps I judge her worth too early, but my most respected and feared god, I do not understand her place. I am sure there is a plan for her in this band as fate would have it—but that place may be a quick death to keep my sister and I alive a day longer. She fancies herself a creature of competence, choosing a whip laced with blades as a weapon—a true sign of a slaver, yet she is not. Bright-eyed, starstruck, full of wonderment—all the dreamy characteristics of a child are ingrained in this creature…and a sure disposition to get me killed.

Reza…an elf possessing arcane gifts—I am familiar with his magical workings. Unorthodox, yet effective. He is truly blessed with your most powerful touch upon his breast. This Reza seems to understand that sometimes you must delve into that what is necessary to accomplish the task at hand. But in truth, I know little about this elf and before I come to believe I understand he and his motivations, it will require much more interaction. My god, it will be made much easier due to your part in his existence.

Abudari…a goblin. Pathetic creature, though this one does possess an amount of insight and cunning that is atypical for his species. A snoop that has proven it will stick its deformed nose where it does not belong. It is to be watched in the event it becomes a liability. Oddly enough, it seems to have a “brother” in Priest Yarar. A kinship due to mutual worship of The Dawnflower? Perhaps. But the scenario is beyond abnormal. I know not role you have picked for this one, mighty One, but again, perhaps his fate is to be pasted like most of his kin…

Zaci…my sister. We continue to honor your name and due your bidding. It has been some time since the two of us have worked together on a mutual task, but I have enjoyed spending that time with her. She is certainly the most dependable of the band, in my eyes.

Most powerful god of all that is magic, you humble me with the task that is laid before me in establishing a place of worship for your name in a place long forgotten. Please guide our magical arts as we lay claim to this land that has been overrun by creatures most foul. I must now beg forgiveness to the other gods among your greatness, so that I do not invite their wrath with my actions. Know that I am and always will be your loyal supplicant…

Good night.

Hawadah's First Letter Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

Salaam from the Sultan’s Claw!

I just joined a group of adventurers hired to take back Kalmarane from the detestable Gnolls. Princess Almah has graciously offered us 200 gold EACH and the chance of exacting my revenge on the vile creatures that killed your son and my brother, Haakim.

No Gnolls have been killed to date…but I did help put out a fire and helped save a goat…sort of…

Ok. I wasn’t any help at all!! It was devastating!! It was a night with no moon or stars to guide our way, but only I seemed to be slowed by it. I would have been lost (quite literally) without the help of the elf in our group. He… At least I think it’s a he… has gained my respect. I hope to someday repay him for his kindness.

Also in the group, there are these two humans with bright green eyes. They’re brother and sister…and seem to have a VERY close relationship… They seem to spend a LOT of time together…alone… in their tent. There’s a Goblin among the group who says that the brother and sister are Pesh Addicts and can’t be trusted…but I know what REALLY goes on in that tent…

The Goblin and a human man with bright gold eyes say they are brothers. I fear that someone is playing a horrible trick on them, but wouldn’t want to be the one to tell them so…the Goblin is so fortunate to have a Tall One treat him with such respect and kindness…

There’s also the tallest, strongest and bravest human I think I’ve ever met. She’s TWICE the size of Uncle Abanjar and can toss a Goblin with one arm!

I continue to practice with my whip. I’m definitely getting better although the only Gnoll I would ever kill would be one wrapped around my ankles…but I’ll keep working at it.

Speaking of needing work, I was caught with my hands on some gold that didn’t yet belong to me. Fortunately, it wasn’t his gold either and the Goblin was pretty cool about it…

Which reminds me…My humblest apologies for not making it home for the big raid. I know how hard things have been since i was taken from home and Haakim was murdered. I hope it was a big success and that the tribes will make it through the rainy season. Included in this letter are a few gold pieces to add to the takings.

May your purses and your bellies always be full.

Humbly yours,


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