Legacy of Fire!

Worth the Risk

Inner musings by Zaci, while imbibing pesh at the end of the long day.
My brother and I find ourselves duly hired for the task of helping cleanse the city of Kelmarane for the Pactmasters. The known enemy seems to be Gnolls and strange and annoying creatures called Pugwampi’s so far. The latter prefer ranged attacks, which has to date limited my ability to fight them.

The Princess has offered us 500 gold, which is more than Sumna and I have ever collected for a task, including assassination. Lives aren’t worth what they used to be. I’m glad to have the company of my brother on this expedition, the others in our party seem to be a strange lot, but after our first major encounter, some have shown their value to the group.

The halfling Hawadah squeals often. I’m not sure if she means to portray herself as an amateur with her girlish squeaks and attachment to the warrior woman Tala. Maybe it’s a survival strategy to be connected with stronger beings who will defend her. Tala herself is most impressive. I’ve seen her work with the blade and while I haven’t had occasion to show my prowess, at some point we’ll have a lot to discuss. Being a strong female can make for uneasy alliances with less secure men.

The goblin Abudari is quite amusing. It’s all I can do not to laugh at his antics. In our last encounter in the monastery, he was quite effective against the pugwampi’s and he looks to be a powerful alchemist. Like most goblins, he eats whatever he can catch, though at least has a culinary bent to his feasting.

Reza, the elf, and my brother seem to be the most powerful when it comes to arcane magics. The elf keeps his distance and hasn’t seemed to try to make any alliances in our pack, but the road can be lonely and with the unknown enemies we face, he may need friends sooner than later. I could see him and Sumna getting on well, but trust is not something we give easily to strangers.

Overall, the reward is worth the risk – we’ve faced far worse obstacles and triumphed. I haven’t begun to show the group my full abilities, but want them to know they have a strong ally in me for as long as we are tied by this task.

Powerful and enlightened Nethys, give us the strength to overcome our enemies and not fall prey to falseness. We will persevere to give you greater glory in this dark city.


Lafcadio Lafcadio

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