Legacy of Fire!

Reza: First thoughts

My days are all new now. My morning communion promises that with patience comes liberation. That day the path to liberation was revealed. Gavrael came and made clear that things were changing, I could perform these last tasks of adventure and risk, but at the end is the promise of freedom. I breathed in the air to taste it and remember. I nodded and said “of course”.

My companions are all mercenaries of some sort. I think my situation is unique amoungst them, but that is not to say that I am the odd one out. There are definitely odder and farther out in this krewe.

Relationships and pairings are important to note, as the sympathies will carry through. I will succeed or fail to the degree that I can insert myself into these relations.

Sumna and Zaci are the quiet pair, though perhaps quiet is a misnomer. They speak often in cypher, actively hiding their thoughts and conversations in the bonds of family and behind the wall of inscrutible and impenetrable secrets. None the less, I feel there is a kinship I can exploit with Sumna at least, possibly with Zaci. They understand the arcane arts in a way that speaks of study and prayer more than the Communion I know, but still, it is a start. I know they would be at home in the salons and parlors I have served in and this makes them an understood and dangerous resource.

The other family is Abudari and Yarar, though I assume it is a kinship of faith and community, since if the two of them share blood I’ll offer to spend the night with Abudari. It’s just surely not happening. Abudari has great power in those concoctions of his, and he’s obviously obsessed with all things culinary for some reason. I don’t trust enough yet to just blindly eat the things he serves, given that the bodies tend to disappear a bit too fast. He’s proven himself in a fight already, which is where I’m least comfortable. Yarar. I have nothing but respect for a man of faith in the light of Serenrae. I don’t know him yet, but fear dragging him into the uglier pieces of the world – let him walk in the sunlight for a while longer if he can.

Our Solitaires are all struggling in their own way. I should find allies amoungst them. Hawadah twists on the hook of someone elses expectations. She works hard at perfection in that way that says even success is not the goal. I pray she comes to see her own power before she is broken under the weight of those expectations.

Tala has her own struggles with expectations. I don’t understand her history or her past yet. I certainly don’t understand what it is she does, but she has a confidence that only comes from being tested. I think that she will be a problem though. A strong will, looking for reasons to be upset at the world, I think.

Our initial conflicts go well. I expected them, I don’t flinch, I don’t shy from it. I manage just barely to remember the secrets Communion has brought me. We will see how long I can hold it all together in my mind.


Lafcadio thistlespirit

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