Legacy of Fire!

Pyramid of Shadows Level 1 Smackdown

Where the villain of the level is defeated


We find a bunch of plague rats, knowledge eaters and an Angry Kangaroo who is secretly Arat Karavakos.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Who went on saving the righteous with radiance.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Who went on a killing spree.
Wendy- Zaci, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Who went on a madcap teleporting marking race.
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Who was out with food poisoning, again.
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Who went on kill stealing.
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Who was sick with the plague.

Daniel- Abudari, goblin artificer (Leader). The dashing hero of our story who was the voice of moderation.


We were off to explore the rest of the first level that morning. It was a glorious indeterminate time of day. I made up some fresh lizardman stew which I labelled pork. Most of my compatriots ate with gusto. Unfortunately, Reza and Sumna were feeling a bit under the weather. Either from the morning stew or the Spicy Avatar Rolls (labelled chicken wrap) from the night before.

Plague Rats and fire bombs. We go to the first door and search it for traps. We detect none. So then we walk in and past this other door. I offer to put a bomb on it. As soon as I touch it, a trap springs. The doors slam open and bones start pouring all over us. It went right over my head but everyone else seemed hurt and immobilized. And then, the Plague Rats swarmed towards us. Surrounding our party. It looked hopeless….

And then I remembered I had a bomb. Sometimes, life gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you bombs and plague rats. I threw bombs with cheerful glee and killed ten of them right off the bat.

You know, because I am like that. Well, this is the fight that I killed the most. I think I wiped out 12 of the 16 rats. This was my moment.

Now, I mention this because Hawada went and had a moment.

Library of Eaten Knowledge. We headed up and opened the next door. It was a vast library with a statue of the crystal head girl (an eladdrin, ex-wife of Karavokas). While the crystal head started freaking about the statue, the rest of us went inside. Zachi suddenly rad off between a row of books and we heard a ring of steel on steel. Then a void archer appeared on top of a book case and fired a rain of arrows upon our group.

We decided to split up. And then a void blade (eater of knowledge) came around a book case. Hawada ran up and stabbed it seventeen times in quick succession. Then she stomped on the corpse. She then lit it on fire with her torch.

More of these psionic void creatures appeared. Including one that threw a mind spell upon us. Bro Yo was running back and forth healing and I was having the damndest luck being stunned. Luckily, Hawada and Zaci saved us all. Hawada was running around maniacally stabbing things, whipping things and jumping on things. Tala mistakenly killed something of Hawada’s and I heard Hawada snarl like a mad ferret with rabies. She killed four of the six creatures that attacked us. With Tala and Zaci killing one each.

The key, the tapestry and the Angry Kangaroo. We entered a room with a giant trapped angel. I disarmed it and we moved in. There were two passages. I hung back as first one and then the other was explored. In the first room was food in crates on one wall and on the other a magical tapestry showing the lands outside.

The other room had a giant stone gazebo with a cryptic phrase written in Draconic. It was something about a key and freedom.

Suddenly, more void blades showed up. I was in the other room looking down the corridor when suddenly a void blade and Arat Karavokas appeared.

I shouted a warning but it was misheard. Tala said ‘Angry Kangaroo’ and Hawada said, ’No Abudari said Aspiring Killer." Finally, Bro Yo said, ’Abudari, keep the Ape King busy."

And it was me against two monsters. I hid between the legs of the first one. Threw bombs at the second and got harried by a sword of force for my troubles. I held them off for at least 6 seconds until Bro Yo came over and said ‘Oh, it is the big bad guy.’

Hawada, Zaci and Tala killed the void blades and then moved into the room. We surrounded the villain and began to stab him repeatedly. It was a glorious moment of comradeship.

We defeated the villain and he had a key. It had a strange inscription. It was something like it is the hardest but not the first.

I surmised that we would each get a key off of each of the Karavokas incarnations. Then we would be able to unlock the pyramid.

Now, we still have an entire other section to do. And we know from the crystal head that there is something important over there.


Awesome as usual :)

Lafcadio Varosja

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