Legacy of Fire!

Front, Side and bottom of the Pyramid of Shadows

Reversals and Traps


We start systematically clearing out the bottom of the pyramid and realize we left a spot.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, deva warpriest (Leader), Sarenrae. Ascendant brilliance.
Heidi – Hawada, kitsune scout (striker). Carefree death
Wendy- Zashi, tiefling swordmage (guardian). Esteemed Fighter
Dan M. – Sumna, tiefling Warlock Assassin (Striker/Controller). Galvanizing Heretic
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant Slayer (Striker). Iconic Juggernaut
Wade – Reza, elf druid (Controller/Striker). Killing Lush

We continue with our toils within the pyramid of shadows with a meetup of our minds. In this case, we discussed why we didn’t kill the demons with Sumna. It was a meaningless exercise in resolving the differences between night and day.

However, we agreed that we would kill anything weaker than us. I am not sure what others pulled away from our team huddle but that is essentially what I got. If we could kill it, it was okay to kill it.

We started systematically going through the pyramids lowest floor and attempted to wipe it out.

As we were going back to an unexplored door, we sprung a trap. It was that room with the two deific statues. The statues had six of the seven evil gods except rovagug. Well, we met an avatar of rovagug and it was a rousing demonstration that if we could kill it, it was morally correct.

I think while the rest of us had fallen into a pit, Reza stayed topside and attempted to help. Weirdly, he was bitching and moaning about the rats or something. He seemed fine and I gave him a potion to settle his stomach (and cure the horrible wasting sickness he contracted).

After that we went through the door into a hall of mirrors. And a door across from us. So we approach the door and a flaming skull appears in the mirror and throws a fireball at us. And then these devil legionnaires open up on us. We fight and it looks like it is going to be a bad fight when Sumna calls for a parlay. We parlay and promise the devils that we will show them the way out if they let us pass.

They do. So uh, I guess we parlay with the enemy again. But I got a cool magical necklace out of it. I really wanted leg of legionnaire but that will be another night.

This opened round two of bickering with Sumna about letting the bad guys go. He basically said we were not strong enough to take them on. We should get more help.

We continued on and found the body of the annoying crystal woman elf. So we had a conversation about her previous marriage and she convinced us that she was sufficiently motivated in her divorce. That she was more powerful as a caster and we should reanimate her to be our ally. So we attempted to reunite her with her body only to find out it was a trap.

The crystal was sucked into this undead creature of immense power. And we had to carefully kill it without harming the crystal. We all did except Sumna. Poor Sumna. He used mind mojo to have the undead strike itself right in the crystal. Brilliant.

We went around and found the stair case leading up. But than Zashi logically conjoined that we needed to kill an aspect of the Karavokas on each level of the pyramid but had not. So we needed to go kill the Karavokas on this level. So now we are headed to the SW corner (the only area unexplored.)

And there you have it folks, straight from the goblins mouth.


Brilliant although I do think we should know more about the intrepid Hero in the opening description. :)

Lafcadio Varosja

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