Legacy of Fire!

Abudari Third Outing


The third adventure within the Legacy of Fire. In this exciting episode, we investigate the lower depths of the Monastery.


Charlie – Yarar Azar, brother, asimir, Sarenrae priest.
Heidi – Hawada, halfling female.
Wendy- Zashi, human plus female.
Dan M. – Sumna, human plus male. Words of power
Ali – Tala Ananda, half giant female.
Wade – Reza, elf male.

Diary entry (written in Kelesh)

Well, this one is not so exciting. We, the heroes, continued our exploration of the Monastery.

In the corner of the monastery where it was collapsed was a giant spider. It viciously attacked us and we unfortunately had to put it down. It had poison and these wicked sharp teeth. Like a beaver but bigger, rounder, sharper.

I was able to extract some glands for later from this magnificent beast. I also grabbed a foreleg for a mid morning crunchy snack.

We searched some more and cleaned as we went. There was like a disgusting kitchen and barracks.

However, we then proceeded down, down into the depths of the earth. Swallowed whole while we went through a secret tunnel underneath a statue.

There was these corridors with dead monks. Looked like they had been betrayed. This was the Temple of Saint Vardishal. So whoever did betray them was Pro Bad Guy. Anyway, we finally got to the Alchemy lab and everything went pear shaped.

These fire resistant oozes attacked. And they seemed to really really like me. I succumbed to my wounds. I forgot to heal myself after the Spider attack.

Indeed, I had something of a revelation. While I lay there dying from mortal wounds, I had a vision. A wind devil Princess (djinn) lead an army against a fire devil Prince (efreet). There was a great war between these two factions. Well, the evil fire efreet was trapped in a mountain by the wind princess. She then went to like 5 followers and granted each a wish. I swear I saw Saint Vardishal say ‘I wish for Immortality.’ With the capital I.

So I got sucked into the big war. Obviously, I was now a key figure to defeat the return of the fire devil prince. During the dream, it was revealed to me that I would find a special crossbow under the eggs upstairs. I did. So I am now bound to the mission.

I fear telling the others how special I am compared to them. It would be a blow to their egos to learn that I was the hero of the age going to set a wrong right.



Bravo Brave Sir Goblin. :)

Abudari Third Outing
Lafcadio Varosja

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